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UNCTAD-WIR2013What: Launch of the The World Investment Report (WIR) 2013: "Global Value Chains – Investment and Trade for Development" (under embargo)

When: 25 June 2013 at 10:30 a.m.

Where: UN Regional Information Centre, (UNRIC), Residence Palace- 155 rue de la Loi-Wetstraat 155 1040 Brussels, 8th floor, Entrance block C2

Who: Professor Daniel Van Den Bulcke will present the report and answer questions.

Dr. Van Den Bulcke is the former Director of the Centre for International Management and Development Institute at the University of Antwerp (CIMDA). He was Chairman of the European International Business Academy between 2003 and 2009. He is the former President of the Institute of Development Policy and Management (IDPM-IOB) of the University of Antwerp and is still active as Academic Director of the Euro-China Centre of the Antwerp Management School.

Highlights of the report:

World Investment Report 2013: Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Global Value Chains (GVC)

Global foreign direct investment (FDI) fell by 18 per cent in 2012. And -- for the first time ever -- developing countries received more FDI than developed nations. FDI inflows to developing economies, while declining, accounted for 52 per cent of global inflows for the year. The report also gives global FDI prospects for 2013.

The growing complexity and far-flung nature of GVCs, and the increasing influence and power of the transnational corporations (TNCs) which preside over GVCs, offer opportunities for less-wealthy countries to expand the capabilities of their economies, create more and better paying jobs, and "climb" value chains. GVCs now dominate trade as goods shift from country to country during their transformation from raw materials into high-value finished products. UNCTAD analysts underline that capitalizing on this trend requires astute and coordinated government policies in such areas as investment, trade, industrialization, research and development, and knowledge and technology transfer.


- The Report is under embargo until 6 p.m. CET on 26 June 2013

- The report will be presented in English. Interviews in Dutch and French are possible. Possibility of one-to-one interview after the event (please inform [email protected] or tel +32-2-788 84 61)

- Please confirm your participation to [email protected]; tel. +32 (0) 2 788 8461/54 or mobile + 32 (0) 476. 215. 485

- For further information please do not hesitate to contact the UNCTAD Press Office (+41 22 917 5828/5549/5166 [email protected] ) Catherine Sibut.

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