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“Right to Food and Food Sovereignty: 6 Years After the Crisis”


What: Conference on  “Right to Food and Food Sovereignty:  6 Years After the Crisis”,  Organised by: l’Association pour les Nations Unies, with support of UNRIC, the United Nations Regional Information Centre, and les Services de Wallonie-Bruxelles Internationale (25/3 18:00).

Who: Professor Olivier De Schutter, UN Rapporteur on the Right to Food.


Portuguese Forum of Civil Society Networks - 20 and 21 February - Lisbon


"The challenges of the Portuguese civil society towards the current social and economic context"

What is civil society?

The Portuguese Constitution describes civil society organizations from an economic point of view as the third sector. In Article 82 it has been foreseen the “coexistence of three sectors of ownership of the means of production”. Therefore, side by side with the public and private sectors, there is a “cooperative and social sector” which includes: cooperatives, “communitarian production means”, owned and managed by local communities” and those which are “collectively run by workers” (the so-called self-managed companies), as well as “Means of production owned and managed by nonprofit bodies corporate, the primary objective of which is charitable, particularly bodies of a mutualistic nature.”


Joining the Forces: United Nations and Enlargement Countries


What? Presentation and discussion on “The case study of Montenegro - sharing the best practices of cooperation of the Government of Montenegro and United Nations in implementing key reforms and advancing the EU accession process”.

Organised by the United Nations (UN) in Montenegro and Montenegro’s Chief Negotiator for the Accession Negotiations with the European Union


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