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Ban hails Transparency International

Anti-corruption sign in Namibia. Photo: World Bank/Philip Schuler

8 November 2013 – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today congratulated the non-governmental organization Transparency International on its 20th anniversary , praising its work to advance anti-corruption efforts around the world.

"Corruption should no longer be seen as the regrettable price of doing business; it is a crime that must be rejected, from street corners to corporate boardrooms," Mr. Ban said in a message to the organization.

"Working in solidarity with other organizations, including the United Nations, you [Transparency International] have helped to advance global anti-corruption efforts, in developed and developing countries alike."

Mr. Ban said he looked forward to continue working with Transparency International on shared efforts to rid the world of corruption.

He also noted that countries have strengthened their efforts to help victims and create a climate of trust, transparency and accountability through treaties like the UN Convention against Corruption, which now has 168 parties, and UN-World Bank Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative, which strives to close sanctuaries used by unscrupulous leaders and other individuals.

"The business community has a clear role to play in delivering the message that

anti-corruption efforts are not an onerous duty but rather an opportunity for renewal of lost credibility and damaged reputations," Mr. Ban said.

The UN itself faces corruption risks as it operates in some of the world's most dangerous environments, he added, noting that the Organization remains vigilant and works hard to address set an example of integrity.


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