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Ombudsman – Alapvető Jogok Biztosa

Alapvető Jogok Biztosának Hivatala

Address: Nádor u. 22. 1051 Budapest, HUNGARY
Mail address: 1387 Budapest Pf. 40., HUNGARY
Tel.: +361 4757100
Fax: +361 269 1615
E-mail: panasz[email protected] | [email protected]

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Regulated by Article 25 of the Fundamental Law of Hungary adopted in 2011 stating that everyone shall have the right to submit – either alone or jointly with others – a written petition, complaint or proposal to any organ exercising public power.

Legislative initiative by citizens

Parliament shall order a national referendum upon the motion of at least two hundred thousand electors. Parliament may order a national referendum upon the motion of the President of the Republic, the Government or one hundred thousand electors. The decision made by any valid and conclusive referendum shall be binding on Parliament. Regulated by the Fundamental Law of Hungary.

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Hungarian Parliament

H-1055 Budapest, Kossuth tér 1-3.
P.O.B.: 1357 Budapest, Pf.: 2. Hungary

Tel.: + (36) 1 441-4000