Thursday, 22 March 2018

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Ombudsman – Verejný ochranca ľudských práv

Kancelária verejného ochrancu práv
Nevädzová 5
821 01  Bratislava-Ružinov

Postal address:

Kancelária verejného ochrancu práv
P. O. Box 1
820 04  Bratislava 24 
Tel.: +421 2 4828 7239
Fax: +421 2 4828 7203
[email protected]

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The right to present a request or proposal to any organ of sovereignty is regulated by Art.27, para. 1, Constitution of the Slovak Republic; furthermore by Laws No 85/1990 Coll; No 242/1998 Coll. and No. 112/2010 Coll. When a petition is presented to a public authority, it is obliged to inquire it and announce the result to the person who filed the petition within 30 days. The petition can be filed also to regional authorities.

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The proposal must be proposed by a minimum of 350,000 citizens/voters. The referendum is then proclaimed by the President within 30 days from the acceptance of the proposal and held within 90 days from the proclamation.  

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The National Council of the Slovak Republic

Square Alexander Dubcek 1
812 80 Bratislava 1

Information for the public:

Tel.: +421 2 59722463 | +421 2 59722460
E-mail: [email protected]