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Our Place World Heritage

altPhotographers can help create the world's largest and most comprehensive photographic database of the World's Heritage - those special locations that have been given special recognition by being inscribed onto the UNESCO World Heritage list.

World Heritage sites are inscribed on the UNESCO List on the basis of their merits as forming a significant contribution to the cultural and natural heritage of the world. Their outstanding universal value is considered to go beyond national boundaries and to be of importance for future generations.

The World Heritage Committee meeting in Paris this week has inscribed a total of 25 sites on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The World Heritage List now numbers 936 properties: 183 natural sites; 725 cultural; and 28 mixed.

Our Place World Heritage has officially partnered with UNESCO and is creating the "world's first official World Heritage photographic database" in conjunction with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre in Paris.

The aim of Our Place is to celebrate 'our place on our planet' through great and inspirational photography. If people are aware of the world's heritage then they can care for it. Photography, with its ability to reach across cultural, language and geographical boundaries is an ideal medium to spread this positive message.

You can explore their galleries and enjoy a selection of original and exclusive photos from more than 300 of these sites which represent - OUR PLACE on OUR PLANET.





Interested in sending in your photographs? Why not try one of the "Our Place World Heritage" Assignments?

* Assignment #1

Every six months a new photographer will be selected to go on professional assignment to shoot a World Heritage site for the official UNESCO partnered world heritage databank. To enter, upload your best world heritage photos for us to view.

* Assignment #2

Take a globe with you to the next World Heritage site you visit - photograph it within the site - upload and participate in this special ourplacephotos assignment.

Through this community based web project share your photographs and blog with fellow photographers and travelers...your photos could inspire others to visit and experience the world's most treasured places.

Learn more on the Ourplacephotos assignments -

UNESCO Online (

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News roundup from the 35th World Heritage Committee Session:

UN ends this year’s additions to World Heritage List with inclusion of four sites

28 June – The United Nations has added cultural sites in Ukraine, Mongolia, France and Nicaragua to the World Heritage List, closing out this year’s selection with a total of 25 sites

Another nine historic sites added to UN World Heritage List

27 June - Nine historic sites in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia have been added to the World Heritage List

UNESCO regrets Thai decision to denounce World Heritage Convention

26 June - The head of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) today voiced deep regret after Thailand announced it would denounce the global convention aimed at preserving humankind's most outstanding shared cultural and natural heritage.

Historic Caribbean capital leads latest inscriptions to UN World Heritage List

25 June - The historic section of the capital of Barbados today became the Caribbean country's first entry on the United Nations-managed World Heritage List after a committee of experts approved its inscription and that of two other sites.

Natural landmarks in Africa, Asia and Australia added to UN heritage list

24 June - Lake districts in China and Kenya, a coastline in Australia, a fishing delta in Senegal and a string of Japanese islands were added to the World Heritage List,

Logging, drug threats put rainforests on UN heritage danger list

22 June - Illegal logging, poaching, and other intrusions have led rainforests in Honduras and Indonesia to be placed on the List of World Heritage in Danger


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