Fabrica: Tales from Lampedusa

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A digital network has been launched to tell the stories of survivors of Lampedusa.

Fabrica, a communications research centre, has launched Sciabica to bring together the voices and images of those affected by the tragedy when on the night of 3 October, almost four hundred people died in the Sicilian Channel; dozens of others missing. After the headlines had passed, victims were buried, survivors crammed into reception centres and Lampedusans left to collect all that's remained behind.

Sciabica is an Arabic word that means 'fishing net'. For Fabrica, Sciabica is the net that has been cast to collect the tales of those that lived through the tragedy.

Sciabica is a digital platform (http://sciabica.tumblr.com/) that brings together the cries of protest and signs of solidarity of life that is going on. There are also the stories of the survivors in the reception centre who describe the horror they have lived through, like Zerit, a 28-year-old sea biologist from Eritrea, who lost his brother in the sea. All of them, Lampedusans and refugees.

Tumblr: http://sciabica.tumblr.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SciabicaLampedusa
Twitter: @sciabicaFabrica

Fabrica is a communication research centre. It was established in 1994 and invites young creative persons from all over the world, offering them an annual grant and the possibility of developing research projects in a range of disciplines that include design, communication, photography, coding, video, music, journalism, networked politics and media.