Food waste campaign attracts 6,000 in Copenhagen

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13 October 2014.   More than 6000 people gathered at City Hall Square in Copenhagen last week in what organizers say was probably the world's largest food waste event. 

Thursday October 9, two Danish Ministers opened Denmark’s largest event against food waste – United Against Food Waste.  
The event was initiated by the consumer movement, Stop Wasting Food movement Denmark, in cooperation with the Danish Ministry of the Environment. The event took place in a lovely autumn weather – and representatives from the entire food chain served delicious surplus food for an enthusiastic audience.

Danish minister for the environment, Kirsten Brosbøl, and minister for food, Dan Jørgensen, opened the event together with Mayor of Copenhagen Frank Jensen, UNEP-director John M. Christensen and secretary General of WWF, Gitte Seeberg.

SelinaThousands of people were fed with free surplus food that would otherwise have been thrown out – getting the message to minimize food waste. A recent Gallup survey states that more than one out of three Danes throws out less food now then a few years back.

“When we throw good food in the trash , it is both bad for the environment and your wallet,” says Danish minister for the environment, Kirsten Brosbøll. “A typical Danish household throws out food for 4-500 E yearly. Let’s do something about that! That’s why I’m happy for an initiative like this, where we have so many players who focuses on food waste and inspires us to avoid throwing out good food. The government's future strategy for the prevention of waste is a series of actions against food waste."

"We are pleased that so many important stake holders from the food value chain support this great event," says the initiator of United Against Food Waste, Selina Juul , who is also the founder of the consumer movement Stop Wasting Food. She adds that Denmark is becoming the country in the world to have food waste at the top of the agenda.

Photos: Anette Vadla Ravnås. Main photo: The food waste event in central Copenhagen. 2nd photo: Organizer Selina Juul with Frank Jensen, the Mayor of Copenhagen.

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