Elyx packs rucksack for 70 day world tour

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2015 08 07 Elyx Plane

9.8.2015 - On August 15th, the United Nations’ (UN) digital ambassador Elyx will begin a 70 day journey around the world to celebrate the United Nations (UN) 70th anniversary.  With less than a week to go, Elyx is packing a rucksack with essentials and mapping out an itinerary.

Elyx will visit UN teams and befriend people on five continents in an adventure you can follow at www.elyx70days.com and through social media starting on Saturday. Who is Elyx? Elyx is the creation of renowned French artist YAK. Transcending boundaries, Elyx has no race, sex, nationality, and no need for words. Elyx engages the world with curiosity and good humour and shares its journey through photos.  Thus, Elyx is a universal character that can be understood by everyone everywhere.

To learn more about how Elyx has been helping the UN highlight international observances over the past year and about a recent meeting with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, 2015 08 09 International Days Elyxplease see our 2 July article.



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