Historic Climate agreement in Paris

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 Paris agreement

12.12.2015 - A historic agreement to combat climate change and unleash actions and investment towards a low carbon, resilient and sustainable future has been agreed by 195 nations in Paris.

The Paris Agreement brings all nations together for a common cause based on their current and future responsibilities.

“The Paris Agreement allows each delegation and group of countries to go back home with their heads held high. Our collective effort is worth more than the sum of our individual effort. Our responsibility to history is immense” said Laurent Fabius, President of the COP 21 UN Climate Change Conference and French Foreign Minister.

The universal agreement’s main aim is to keep a global temperature rise well below 2° C in this century, while driving efforts to limit the temperature increase even further to 1.5 ° C above pre-industrial levels.

Additionally, the agreement plans to strengthen the ability to deal with the impacts of climate change. To reach these ambitious and important goals, appropriate financial flows will be put in place, making stronger action by developing countries possible, in line with their own national objectives.

French President Francois Hollande told the assembled delegates: “You’ve done it, reached an ambitious agreement, a binding agreement, a universal agreement. You can be proud to stand before your children and grandchildren.”

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said: "This is a resounding success for multilateralism.”

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