The 1946 General Assembly in Pictures

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08.01.2016 - On 10 January 1946, representatives from the 51 Member States of the United Nations convened at Central Hall Westminster, London for the first session of the General Assembly. 

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of this historic first meeting, the General Assembly will hold a plenary meeting on Monday, 11th January. 


Prime Minister Clement Attlee (at speaker’s rostrum), of the United Kingdom, is seen addressing the opening session of the United Nations Organization’s General Assembly at Central Hall on Parliament Square in London. (UN Photo)


Left Photo: General Assembly, January 1946. (UN Photo/Marcel Bolomey)/Right Photo:General Assembly,September 2015. (UN Photo/Loey Felipe)   

About the General Assembly


Paul-Henri Spaak (Belgium) addressing the General Assembly, shortly after his election as the first President of the General Assembly. To the right is Gladwyn Jebb, Executive Secretary of the United Nations ( UN Photo/Marcel Bolomey)

A general view of Central Hall with Mr. Bevin and Miss Ellen Wilkinson of the United Kingdom delegation seated in the foreground. ( UN Photo/Marcel Bolomey) 

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