Green Week: Making It Happen!

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Green Week 1

01.06.2016 – The 2016 edition of Green Week, the biggest annual occasion to debate and discuss European environment policy, is taking place this week. It focuses on the theme "Investing for a greener future".

Investing is about more than money. It's about creating jobs and taking people out of unemployment. It's about ensuring our children breathe cleaner air on their way to school, it's about using raw materials and resources more efficiently, it's about preventing waste, and much more besides.

The many facets of green investment feature throughout the week. Events and activities are taking place across Europe, centred round a high-level conference in Brussels today Wednesday 1 June, with a wide variety of organisations and partners taking part.

To show how the investments of today can help a "greener future" become a reality, each day of the week focuses on different aspects of the theme.

Green Week 2

What’s on?

How can investing for greener cities improve the quality of urban life, which provides so many of the resources that our society needs?
How can we secure our future through investments in the countryside?
How do we find the financing for our needs?
How best can we invest in our oceans?
From a global outlook, how can we invest in sustainable development for future generations?

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Whilst at Green Week, the UK and Ireland UNRIC team had the chance to interview Nick Robins, the Co-Director of UNEP's Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System. Watch this space for more information!


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