Ciné-ONU, a Year in Review

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Cine-ONU in Review Mosaic

Ciné-ONU presents: 2016 in review

It has been a busy year for the Ciné-ONU team, and we had the privilege of showing you some of the best documentaries of 2016. With topics ranging from extinction, gender equality to urban mobility and climate change, Ciné-ONU has covered many issues close to our hearts.

Screenings included Academy Award-Winner Louie Psihoyos’s Racing ExtinctionThe Wanted 18, the recreation of the astonishing true story about the Israeli army's pursuit of 18 cows, and The Uncondemned, which followed an underdog group of lawyers and activists which defied the odds to do what had never been done: prosecute rape as an international war crime.

From tears to laughter, followed by lively and captivating discussions with distinguished panelists, Ciné-ONU welcomes a new year with open arms.

So… What’s in store for 2017?

2017 will be Ciné-ONU’s tenth anniversary of bringing Europe’s documentary enthusiasts together to raise awareness and screen some of the most heart-warming and thought-provoking films to the big screen in Brussels, London, Geneva, Vienna and Helsinki.

2017 will see the screening SOLD, based on global bestseller by Patricia McCormick, The Destruction of Memory, a documentary on the war against cultural history, and  Bodgan’s Journey, a story that begins with murder and ends with reconciliation, as one man persuades the people of Kielce, Poland, to confront the truth about the darkest moment in their past.

We aim to continue supporting UN goals and achievements and raising awareness through film for years to come. Don’t forget to stay tuned, and we look forward to welcoming Ciné-ONU fans as well as new faces in 2017!