UN Secretary-General urges international support for the Central African Republic

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 UNSG visits the Central African Republic, 25 October 2017

UN Secretary-General António Guterres, travelled to the Central African Republic, where he encouraged the international community to support efforts to secure peace and prosperity.

The Secretary-General also stressed the need to strengthen the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Mission in the Central African Republic, also known as MINUSCA, so that it is better able to provide protection to people.

The majority of the 28 European Union countries have staff serving the United Nations in the Central African Republic, with many European countries contributing personnel to both the Mission and other UN entities working in the country.

``This is a visit of solidarity but of active solidary,’’ the Secretary-General said, speaking to media after he met with the President of the Central African Republic.

The Secretary-General arrived in the Central African Republic on the 24th of October, when UN Day is celebrated.  During the visit, Mr. Guterres paid tribute to the 12 UN peacekeepers who have died this year alone.

The UN Mission was established in 2014 following communal violence. More than 1 million Central Africans have been displaced due to conflict, either inside the country or abroad.

The Secretary-General urged the international community to actively support peace and development efforts because ``there is an opportunity to build a new Central African Republic that is peaceful, secure and prosperous.’’

Video: Keeping the Peace in the Central African Republic

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