Ciné-ONU: Sacred Water

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Thursday 12 July 19.00 (Cinéma Galeries)


On 12 July 2018, Ciné-ONU will be screening: Sacred Water to mark World Population Day. Sacred Water immerses you into a modern Rwanda rediscovering its heritage in the most secret way: female pleasure. Having a satisfying and safe sex life, the capacity to reproduce and the freedom to decide, whether, when and, if so, how often to do so, is also at the core of good sexual and reproductive health. Family planning is a human right - the theme of this year's World Population Day. It is also inextricably linked to sexual and reproductive health, gender equality and women's empowerment and a key factor in reducing poverty. This film will be shown in partnership with United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) at Cinéma Galeries in Brussels


The screening will be followed by a conversation with: Olivier Jourdain - Director of Sacred Water, Sietske Steneker - Director of the UNFPA Brussels Office and Caroline Hickson - Regional Director, IPPF European Network, moderated by Caroline Petit – UNRIC


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