UNRIC and Athens radio station bring UN issues to Greeks

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athens radio global goals 

UNRIC's partnered with Athina 98.4 for a very successful series of nineteen radio programmes on the Sustainable Development Goals, which were welcomed by thousands of listeners.

The partnership between the popular radio station in Athens and UNRIC Brussels will now continue on a permanent basis. 

Starting in December 2018, the station’s show 1 to 2 has included a ten-minute informative segment under the title “The United Nations for You”.  In the future, this programme will appear on Wednesdays.

During this radio programme, the UNRIC Communication Officer for Greece and Cyprus, Dimitri Fatouros speaks with the hosts, Domina Diamatopoulou and Myrsini Lionaraki, on UN-related issues. The goal is to provide useful information to the Greek public about the Organization, its history, and how the work of the UN improves the lives of millions of people around the world.  

In recent shows, the focus has been on the UN’s strong relationship with Greece, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and how the UN uses radio to communicate with people, including the UN Radio Service.  

Athina 98.4 is a founding member of the United Nations Global Media Compact. UNRIC would like to thank the radio station, its director Noni Karagianni, the technicians, the producers and, above all, the 1 to 2 hosts for spreading the UN message and for our excellent and creative cooperation.  

Athina 98.4 is not only heard in Athens, but all over Greece via municipal radio stations. For our Greek-speaking colleagues, you can listen to the programme live on Wednesdays from 13:30 – 13:40 (Greek time)  at  http://athina984.live24.gr/athina984.

The show must go on…