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UN News on the Go

The UN News app is the destination for daily updates on breaking news and events from the United Nations through comprehensive news coverage, in video, text, photos and audio. Use this fully multilingual app in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Hindi, Kiswahili, Português, Russian or Spanish.


Features include:

  • Global updates on peace and security, sustainable development, human rights, climate change and more.
  • News, Videos and Audio Programmes, including Podcasts.
  • In-depth stories, photo features, field reports and interviews with top UN officials and Envoys.
  • Watch Security Council and General Assembly meetings live.
  • Watch videos on all major UN issues.
  • Follow social media feeds on multiple platforms.
  • Access the principal UN.org website.


The UN News app is available for Android and iOS devices

⭳ Download the app from the App Store for the iPhone or iPad – iOS
Download the app from Google Play for Android devices – Android


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