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UN Women: What if we get it wrong

The new podcast What if We Get It Wrong? by the UN Women Security and Safety Services Team is aimed at all UN personnel to provide an easy understanding of security and safety topics.

In this episode of What if We Get It Wrong? – “Working through Risk” – Ilkka Laukkanen, UN Women Security Specialist for Haiti, speaks about his career at the UN, working in high-risk duty stations, and how this is important to UN Women’s mandate.

Laukkanan covers what you should do if you are going to work in a high-risk duty station. And shares his experience in Haiti today.

Here are some snippets from the interview:

Why does UN Women operate in high-risk duty stations? 

“If we want to be in the places where we have the most vulnerable people on the globe, we must operate in duty stations that have a higher risk. The work that UN Women is doing in Haiti, for example, is fundamental to the lives of women and children in the country and that’s why we continue to operate here.” 

What is your advice for anyone moving to a high-risk duty station? 

“Research is fundamental! Ask colleagues working in the duty station, those who have worked there, and, of course, your security team. The Security and Safety Services team has worked worldwide in most duty stations. This means that we can support you in the process. Additionally, my main piece of advice for when you do go would be to continue your hobbies and do things you enjoy – this makes the experience less stressful.”

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