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UNRIC Library Newsletter - August 2012

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UNRIC Library Newsletter - August 2012
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Agenda of the 67th session the General Assembly
German (A/67/150):

High-level Meeting on the Rule of Law (24 September 2012)
The General Assembly in its resolution A/RES/66/102 decided that the High-level Meeting of the General Assembly on the rule of law will be held on 24 September 2012 in New York and that the High-level Meeting will address the topic of the rule of law at the national and international levels. The General Assembly resolution A/RES/66/102 also decided that the High-level Meeting will result in a concise outcome document. It requested that the President of the General Assembly would, in consultation with Member States, finalise the organisational arrangements of the meeting.

Development Business
Development Business is the official portal for advertisements on global development business opportunities and contract awards. The United Nations, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and other multilateral banks, the Millennium Challenge Corporation as well as national governments rely on this website to advertise their goods and services and reach a global network of qualified companies. Project announcements are published in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

News Focus: UN and Olympics;Body=Olympic&Body1=
This new site serves as a handy resource on the latest news and useful links about the United Nations system’s involvement with the Olympic Games and the United Nations' work to promote the ideas of sport for peace and development.

UNRIC Library Backgrounder: Mali
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Peace and Security

Compendium of Border Control Instruments, Standards and Recommended Practices Related to Counter-Terrorism
The Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force (CTITF) Working Group on Border Management Relating to Counter-Terrorism announced the online publication of a Compendium of legal instruments, standards and recommended practices relating to border-management during a briefing to Member States on 18 June 2012 in New York.
The Compendium, which can be consulted at the Working Group’s webpage at, is a unique, comprehensive point of reference for Member States and staff members, containing over 300 resources which have been submitted by a dozen UN and international organisations whose work encompasses aspects of border security. It is accessible through a flexible, searchable and user-friendly database and covers a wide variety of border management issues from the movement and mobility of people to early warning and alert systems.

The future of targeted sanctions one year after splitting the 1267 (1999) regime (S/2012/600, 2 August 2012)
English, French & Spanish:
On 26 and 27 June 2012, the Permanent Mission of the Federal Republic of Germany to the United Nations hosted a seminar entitled “The future of targeted sanctions one year after splitting the 1267 (1999) regime”. This document submits the conclusions drawn from that seminar, whose main objective was to take stock and to analyse the performance and possible improvements in view of the upcoming renewal of the mandates of the 1267 (1999)/1989 (2011) and 1988 (2011) Committees.

Small Arms Review Conference (27 August - 7 September 2012)
More than a decade has passed since the adoption of the UN Programme of Action (PoA) to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects in 2001. The PoA laid the foundation for action at the national, regional and global levels. The Second Review Conference will offer the opportunity to review the progress made in the implementation of the PoA, including the separately agreed International Tracing Instrument (ITI) (2005).

Strengthening the role of mediation in the peaceful settlement of disputes, conflict prevention and resolution: Report of the Secretary-General (A/66/811, ‎6 ‎August ‎2012)
English, French & Spanish:
In its resolution 65/283, the General Assembly requested the Secretary-General to submit a report on the implementation of the resolution entitled “Strengthening the role of mediation in the peaceful settlement of disputes, conflict prevention and resolution”. The present report outlines progress made in implementing the resolution, in the context of key trends in the field of mediation. Also submitted as annexes to the present report are the Guidance for Effective Mediation and the views of Member States.

United Nations Peacekeeping Operations – Fact Sheet: 31 July 2012 (DPI/1634/Rev.135, August 2012)

United Nations Political and Peacebuilding Missions – Fact Sheet: 31 July 2012 (DPI/2166/Rev.109, August 2012)

Economic & Social Development

African Economic Outlook 2012: Promoting Youth Employment (UNDP / UNECA / OECD / ADB / EC / ACP Group)
The 2012 edition of the annual African Economic Outlook reviews and analyses the development of the economic, social and political situation in 53 of the 54 countries on the continent. Rapid economic growth in South Africa must be accompanied by policies to boost job creation and training opportunities, particularly among youths. 42 percent of South Africans under the age of 30 were unemployed, as compared with fewer than 17 percent of adults over 30. The unemployed young people tended to be less skilled than in other emerging economies: almost 86 percent did not have formal secondary or tertiary education, while two-thirds had never worked at all.

Early Warning Systems: A State of the Art Analysis and Future Directions (UNEP)
A state-of-art assessment of existing monitoring/early warning systems (EWS) organized according to type of environmental threats. The report focuses on: air quality, wildland fires, nuclear and chemical accidents, geological hazards (earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, landslides), hydro-meteorological hazards (desertification, droughts, floods, impact of climate variability, severe weather, storms, and tropical cyclones), epidemics and food security. Current gaps and needs in EWS are also identified and discussed.

Green Jobs for Sustainable Development – The case of Spain (ILO / Sustainlabour)
Transitioning to a green economy has a huge potential to create new jobs in Spain at a time when the crisis-hit country is reeling from a 50 per cent youth unemployment rate, according to a newly released report. However, the report says the severity of the recession, coupled with the austerity measures adopted to counter it, are threatening the creation of green jobs.

Trends in Maternal Mortality: 1990-2010; WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA and The World Bank estimates
Globally, the total number of maternal deaths decreased by from 543 000 in 1990 to 287 000  in 2010. The Report provides an overview of the definitions and approaches for measuring maternal mortality, presents the estimates and interpretation of the findings, and assesses the progress towards MDG 5 and the importance of improved data quality for estimating maternal mortality.

Water and Sustainability: A Review of Targets, Tools and Regional Cases (UNESCO)
The report aims to show that formulation and evaluation of water targets would be more effective if it were to follow a systematic analytical framework for results and performance monitoring – and it proposes one such framework for the purpose, a comprehensive definition of water targets specified by five attributes and fifteen analytical questions.


Human Rights

Children and Armed Conflict - new website
The new website of the Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-Genera on Children and Armed Conflict went live on 26 July.  Included in the redesign are many new features that will make it easier to access essential and interesting information and stories. Most notable, is a library for better document searching. The new site also features now front page stories, the latest documents and press releases, slideshows from field missions, and latest tweets and it is now fully-integrated with major social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, Flickr, and others allowing for sharing of information, stories, videos, and multimedia content.

The incompatibility between democracy and racism: Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (A/HRC/21/27, 28 June 2012)
English, French & Spanish:
The present report, submitted pursuant to the Human Rights Council resolution 18/15 provides information on constitutional and legal measures to prevent racism, racial discrimination, and xenophobia, and on actions and procedures to address violations of human rights stemming from the rise of racism and xenophobia in political circles and society at large, especially with regard to their incompatibility with democracy. It also provides information on efforts to reflect multicultural diversity in political and legal systems within societies through promoting diversity, to improving democratic institutions, making them more participatory and inclusive.
The report contains information from Member States, the United Nations, human rights treaty bodies and special procedures.

Practical Guide for Civil Society on the Social Forum
This publication is the newest of arrivals in the series of practical guides aimed to facilitate the engagement of civil society actors with the United Nations human rights programme.
The 2012 Social Forum will take place from 1 to 3 October 2012 in Geneva. It will focus on "People-centred development and globalization". The Social Forum is an annual meeting convened by the United Nations Human Rights Council. It serves as a unique space for open and interactive dialogue between civil society actors, representatives of United Nations Member States, and intergovernmental organizations.