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Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
(Resolution 70/1 of the General Assembly, adopted on 25 September 2015)
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The 17 Sustainable Development Goals
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A4 handout (two-pager) in pdf format
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Two-page Primer on Sustainable Development (UNSSC Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Development / UNRIC)
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Information brochures & Factsheets
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UNSDG Logo without UN 2015 ENUNRIC Library Backgrounder:
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - Selected Online Resources

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Research Guides
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The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2019
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The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2018

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The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2017
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The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2016
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E SDG Poster

Logos and SDG icons
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Board Game
"Go Goals!"
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4-minute explainer video "Understanding the Dimensions of Sustainable Development" (UNSSC)
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17 Goals - 17 Questions: SDG Video Series (UN Bonn Information)

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What is my country is doing about the sustainable development goals? Ask DAG!

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, the United Nations’ digital ambassador, has released a series of illustrations designed to further explain the Sustainable Development Goals