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Il Segretario Generale chiede un’indagine indipendente sull’attacco aereo che ha ucciso decine di bimbi in nord Yemen


Statement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on Yemen

10 ago - The Secretary-General calls on all parties to respect their obligations under international humanitarian law, in particular the fundamental rules of distinction, proportionality and precautions in attack. The Secretary-General emphasizes that all parties must take constant care to spare civilians and civilian objects in the conduct of military operations. He calls for an independent and prompt investigation into this incident.

The Secretary-General urgently renews his call for a negotiated political settlement through inclusive intra-Yemeni dialogue as the only way to end the conflict. He urges all parties to de-escalate and to engage constructively in the political process, including consultations scheduled in Geneva in September.

Farhan Haq, Deputy Spokesman for the Secretary-General

New York, 9 August 2018

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