COVID-19: Aggiornamenti dal sistema ONU – 15 Giugno


A cluster of COVID-19 in Beijing, People’s Republic of China (13 June 2020):

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public: When and how to use masks (Last updated 8 June 2020):

UN News

UN chief in ‘support migrants’ plea, as remittances drop by 20 per cent predicted (14 June 2020):

FROM THE FIELD: COVID-19 restrictions leave migrant workers stranded (13 June 2020):

UN chief calls for seafarers to be designated ‘key workers’, with many stranded at sea (12 June 2020):

Health experts concerned about indirect effects of COVID-19 on women and youth (12 June 2020):

Amidst COVID-19 challenges, UN ‘remains operational’ across Central Africa (12 June 2020):

Amid COVID-19 and climate change, UNHCR appeals for $186 million for Sahel refugee and displacement crisis (12 June 2020):

Child labour gains since 2000 ‘could be wiped out by COVID’, UN warns (12 June 2020): 


UN supporting ‘trapped’ domestic violence victims during COVID-19 pandemic (12 June 2020):


UN/DESA Policy Brief #80: Forests at the heart of a green recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic (11 June 2020):    


Secretary-General Says Governments Should Allow Seafarers to Repatriate, Join Ships, as Hundreds of Thousands Remain Stranded at Sea by COVID-19-Related Travel Restrictions (SG/SM/20121, 12 June 2020): 


Regulators Use Innovative Methods to Assess Safety of Radiation Sources during COVID-19 Pandemic, IAEA Survey Finds (12 June 2020): 


ICAO begins global roll-out of COVID-19 response and recovery guidelines (12 June 2020):


Italy, Europe and the Global Recovery in 2021 / Remarks by IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva to Italy’s National Consultation (13 June 2020): 


Rohingya Cyclists Share Key COVID19 Information Door to Door in Cox’s Bazar Refugee Camps (12 June 2020):

Hundreds of Ethiopian COVID-19 Impacted Migrant Families Receive Food and Assistance in Kenya (12 June 2020):

IOM Survey: Eastern Ukraine micro/small-businesses require support in wake of COVID-19 (12 June 2020): 


Yemen: Aid agencies continue to scale up the response to COVID-19 (12 June 2020):

Five ways humanitarians use technological innovation to deliver during COVID-19 (12 June 2020):


Hygiene kits reach most vulnerable urban populations in Beirut (15 June 2020):

Water and sanitation bodies exchange experiences to fight COVID-19 (15 June 2020):

Thousands join UN-Habitat’s online webinars to identify innovative solutions for cities during and after COVID-19 (12 June 2020):  

COVID-19 Campaign Survey uses crowdsourcing to map urban impact of virus (12 June 2020):

Virtual roundtable highlights the impact of COVID-19 on Canada’s urban economy (12 June 2020):


Feature story: New HIV community group in Guinea fighting COVID-19 (12 June 2020):


In Ethiopia, pandemic struck amid slowing growth, locust invasion, and disease outbreaks, UN study finds (12 June 2020): centre/news/2020/In_Ethiopia_pandemic_struck_amid_slowing_growth_locust_invasion_and_disease_outbreaks.html


UNECE mobilizes regulatory authorities to advance risk management in pandemics (15 June 2020):

Coordinated action is needed for more resilient inland transport: UNECE tools can suppport ‎seamless freight during pandemics (12 June 2020):


The precarious situation of domestic workers in Latin America and the Caribbean is accentuated by the COVID-19 crisis (12 June 2020):

The Crisis Resulting from COVID-19 Could Cause a Significant Increase of Child Labour in Latin America and the Caribbean (11 June 2020):

At Event for CAF’s 50th Anniversary, ECLAC Highlights the Role of Regional Development Banks in Supporting Countries as They Face the COVID-19 Crisis (11 June 2020):