7 motivi per cui il mondo deve continuare a sostenere l’Ucraina

It’s now one year since the Russian Federation’s 24 February invasion of Ukraine. That’s one year of unimaginable suffering, loss and destruction. And one year in which the life of every single woman, man and child in Ukraine has been torn apart.

Thousands of civilians – including children – have been killed, injured and traumatized. Livelihoods have been devastated and entire cities are in ruins.

But despite all this, the people of Ukraine have continually showed the world their incredible sense of solidarity and resilience. They came together to support one another, created thousands of groups of volunteers, and went to the front lines to make sure people trapped could get the support they needed. Humanitarian organizations complemented this effort alongside the incredible support and solidarity from the international community and citizens of every country who stepped in to support Ukraine.

Together, we helped 16 million people in Ukraine last year.

But one year on, the war is far from over.

Here are 7 reasons why the world must keep supporting the humanitarian response in Ukraine.

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