75 Anni di storia delle Nazioni Unite attraverso 75 documenti chiave

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, the Dag Hammarskjöld Library has unveiled an online exhibit of key documents that have shaped international relations and led to remarkable changes in the lives of the peoples of the world.  These documents represent deliberations and commitments by the Member States on diverse topics ranging from peacekeeping to human rights, development, international law, humanitarian assistance, and refugees and other vulnerable populations.

The exhibit builds on a previous compilation for the 70th anniversary of the UN. In the last five years, the Organization has addressed many global issues, including climate change, gender equality and migration. A recent milestone is Secretary-General António Guterres’ attainment of gender equality within the Organization’s senior management group – one of the exhibit’s highlights.

Through its engaging exploration of documents, the exhibit celebrates the role of the United Nations in advancing human discourse and the role of libraries in preserving history.

Watch the history of the United Nations unfold one document at a time in 75 Years, 75 Documents.

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