COVID-19: Aggiornamenti dal sistema ONU – 11 Giugno

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Still much to learn about new coronavirus: WHO (10 June 2020):

Throughout COVID-19 recovery, ‘plummeting’ clean energy costs can help climate action (10 June 2020):

COVID-19: ‘Unparalleled economic shock’ threatens development hopes and gains (10 June 2020):


COVID-19: UN helps countries fight complacency as they reopen (10 June 2020):

UN agencies provide comprehensive protection for Lebanese during COVID-19 (10 June 2020):


Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean amid the COVID-19 Pandemic: Impacts on Kenya’s Marine and Coastal Environment:

Celebrating and Safeguarding Biodiversity to Prevent the Next Pandemic:

Serving as a UNIFIL Peacekeeper During the COVID-19 Pandemic:

Ninety-Eight-Year-Old ‘Corona Warrior’ Rises to the Challenge:

Indigenous Peoples Confronting the Pandemic: Nīsōhkamātowin wāhiyaw itōhtēmakan:

Modernizing Our Public Health Systems to Be Ready for the Next Pandemic:

Proof Positive: COVID-19 Shows the Necessity of Multilateral Responses—and Global Solidarity:


COVID-19: ‘Unparalleled economic shock’ threatens development hopes and gains (10 June 2020): 


Women, Youth, Civil Society Must Be at Heart of COVID-19 Response in Great Lakes Region: Interview with Special Envoy Huang Xia (9 June 2020): 


COVID-19 Must Be Wake-Up Call for Greater Multilateral Economic Cooperation, HealthCare Solidarity, Secretary-General Says in Video Message to Small States Forum (SG/SM/20115, 10 June 2020):

Financial Decisions Aligned with Socio-environmental Values Should Drive Post-Pandemic Economy, Secretary-General Tells Global Investors for Sustainable Development Alliance (SG/SM/20116, 10 June 2020):


ILO and UNICEF assess impact of COVID-19 crisis on child labour (10 June 2020):–en/index.htm

COVID-19: Protect children from child labour, now more than ever! World Day Against Child Labour – 12 June 2020:–en/index.htm


COVID-19 measures must be grounded first and foremost on the right to health (10 June 2020):


Across the Pacific, crisis centres respond to COVID-19 amid natural disasters (10 June 2020):


Innovative new platform tracks cities’ readiness and response to COVID-19 (10 June 2020):


COVID-19: UN calls on governments to help landlocked neighbours (10 June 2020):

Keep ships moving, ports open and trade flowing, urge UN entities (10 June 2020): 


In Nepal, multiple sectors, economic growth slammed by pandemic and lockdown, study finds (10 June 2020):

Caring for ourselves and for nature (10 June 2020):


COVID-19: Africa in urgent need of affordable broadband internet (10 June 2020):


Falling clean energy costs provide opportunity to boost climate action in COVID-19 recovery packages (10 June 2020):


Women scientists share knowledge and initiatives to address COVID-19 (10 June 2020):

Learning in the COVID-19 era (10 June 2020):


South Sudanese refugees make tippy taps to promote hygiene in DRC camps (10 June 2020):


Millie Bobby Brown and Sofia Carson join United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed and UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore in World’s Largest Lesson Live, encouraging teens to reimagine the world post-COVID (10 June 2020): 


UNODC supports Senegal to get street children home during the COVID-19 pandemic (9 June 2020):


Leading the way through partnerships (10 June 2020):

UPU virtual workshop – Direct marketing in a disrupted world:


WTO report looks at trade developments in poorest countries in wake of COVID-19 (10 June 2020): 


COVID-19 turns spotlight on slums (10 June 2020):