COVID-19: Aggiornamenti dal sistema ONU – 14 Luglio


As more go hungry and malnutrition persists, achieving Zero Hunger by 2030 in doubt, UN report warns: Securing healthy diets for the billions who cannot afford them would save trillions in costs (13 July 2020):


Aref Bandary: a doctor, cultural mediator and migrant leading the COVID-19 response in refugee centres in Serbia (13 July 2020):,-cultural-mediator-and-migrant-leading-the-covid-19-response-in-refugee-centres-in-serbia2

UN News

Cities and local government must focus on well-being of people in developing countries (13 July 2020):

UN report sends ‘sobering message’ of deeply entrenched hunger globally (13 July 2020):

‘Don’t make schools a political football’: senior WHO official calls for data-based COVID-19 strategies (13 July 2020):

COVID-19: UN and partners work to ensure learning never stops for young refugees (13 July 2020):

Women and girls deserve more protection in emergencies, UN rights council hears (13 July 2020): 


Portraits: UN interpreters adapt to new work modes during COVID-19 (13 July 2020):


Secretary-General Warns Entrenched Hunger Worsening amid COVID-19, Launching Annual Food Security Report (SG/SM/20173, 13 July 2020):

Amid Global ‘Pandemic of Inequality’, Secretary-General Stresses Vital Importance of Unity, Solidarity, in Video Message for Nelson Mandela International Day (SG/SM/20172, 13 July 2020):

Secretary-General Independent Accountability Panel (IAP) for Every Woman Every Child

IAP 2020 Report: Caught in the COVID-19 storm: women’s, children’s and adolescents’ health in the context of UHC and the SDGs: 


WOMEN RISE FOR ALL event – 14 July 2020: 


As more go hungry and malnutrition persists, achieving Zero Hunger by 2030 in doubt, UN report warns (13 July 2020):

Online Global Dialogue – 14 July: Joint action on COVID-19: 


Social media helps young rural Kenyan entrepreneurs battle the COVID-19 shutdown (13 July 2020):

As more go hungry and malnutrition persists, achieving Zero Hunger by 2030 in doubt, UN report warns (13 July 2020):


Fiscal Policies for a Transformed World (10 July 2020):


How COVID-19 impacts telecom operators’ economics (13 July 2020): 


In Gaza, helping mothers reunite with children separated by the COVID-19 lockdown (13 July 2020):

From where I stand: “I want the views of older persons included in the planning of COVID-19 recovery programmes for my community” (13 July 2020):–i-want-the-views-of-older-persons-included-in-the-planning-of-covid


COVID-19: Germany doubles its support to UNDP’s flexible core funding (13 July 2020):

What does coronavirus mean for women (13 July 2020):

UNDP and Samsung fighting COVID-19 (13 July 2020):


Using ICTs with a gender lens in small businesses (13 July 2020):


It is Crucial to Propose a Social Compact Based on a Broad and Participatory Dialogue to Face the Present Contingency and Rethink the Post COVID-19 Reactivation (13 July 2020):


UNESCO and UNHCR call for the inclusion of refugees in the post-Covid-19 education effort (13 July 2020):

COVID-19 threatens to set aid to education back by six years, warns UNESCO (13 July 2020):

Policy Paper: COVID-19 is a serious threat to aid to education recovery:

Charting together for Education to #SaveOurFuture (13 July 2020):

How to wear a non-medical fabric mask safely? (13 July 2020):

Pandemic focuses attention on investing in youth initiatives to prevent violent extremism (13 July 2020):

Inclusive digital learning platforms aim to leaving no one behind in Education in times of Covid-19 (11 July 2020):


COVID-19 Platform: Temporary Measures and Impact on Protection (13 July 2020): 


As more go hungry and malnutrition persists, achieving Zero Hunger by 2030 in doubt, UN report warns (13 July 2020):


Organized crime groups are infiltrating the legal economy following COVID-19 crisis, says latest UNODC Research Brief (13 July 2020):–says-latest-unodc-research-brief.html

UNODC Research Brief: The impact of COVID-19 on organized crime:


UN Volunteer Health Experts deployed to help Kenya fight COVID-19 (13 July 2020): 


UNWTO Recognizes Safe and Responsible Restart of Tourism on the Canary Islands (13 July 2020):


WFP and Takeda partner to strengthen public health supply chains in Africa and the Global COVID-19 response (14 July 2020):

Coronavirus in Honduras: ‘This pandemic is going to starve us’ (13 July 2020):


Keeping trade open amid COVID-19 crisis central to achieving SDGs and economic recovery (13 July 2020):