COVID-19: Aggiornamenti dal sistema ONU – 19 Maggio


WHO and the WHA – an explainer: An introduction to the World Health Organization, its vital role in the fight against COVID-19, and the first-ever virtual World Health Assembly:


HealthBuddy: a new chatbot to engage with communities in Europe and central Asia on COVID-19 (18 May 2020): 

UN News

Building a cinematic bond with refugees, in a time of crisis (19 May 2020):

Covid-19 crisis closes 90 percent of museums globally, UNESCO plans for reopenings (18 May 2020):

Coronavirus impact on world’s indigenous, goes well beyond health threat (18 May 2020):

UN chief renews call for COVID-19 solidarity as WHO warns ‘majority’ of world still at risk (18 May 2020):


United Nations helps travel industry reopen safely and responsibly (18 May 2020):

UN Vienna guided tours go virtual (18 May 2020):


COVID-19 Must Be Global Wake-Up Call, Secretary-General Tells World Health Assembly, Saying Virus Has ‘Brought Us to Our Knees’ (SG/SM/20085, 18 May 2020):


Help World Recover Better from COVID Pandemic by Being ‘the Change You Want to See’, Deputy Secretary-General Tells Fletcher School Graduates in Commencement Address (DSG/SM/1409, 17 May 2020):


Coordination of Covid-19-related initiatives

18 May 2020

Letter dated 18 May 2020 from the co-coordinators for the General Assembly on COVID-19-related initiatives, conveying an Elements Paper for a General Assembly omnibus resolution on COVID-19.


FAO needs $350 million to avert rising hunger as countries reel from COVID-19 pandemic’s impact (18 May 2020):


Making Economies More Resilient to Downturns (18 May 2020): 


Somalia: COVID-19 affecting lives and livelihoods (18 May 2020):


“COVID-19 is devastating indigenous communities worldwide, and it’s not only about health” – UN expert warns (18 May 2020):

“Every worker is essential and must be protected from COVID-19, no matter what” – UN rights experts (18 May 2020):


Take five: As Haiti battles COVID-19, services to protect women and girls with disabilities are critical (18 May 2020):

Take five: COVID-19 will pass, but will anything change in the protection system? (18 May 2020):


UNAIDS urges governments to ensure that HIV service providers from community-led organizations are recognized as essential service providers in the context of COVID-19 (18 May 2020):

COVID-19 community support for Trinidadians on the margins (18 May 2020):


Chad: Singing in the Desert and the Fiscal Responses to COVID-19 (18 May 2020):


The human rights dimensions of the COVID-19 pandemic (18 May 2020):

COVID-19 puts human rights of millions at risk (18 May 2020): 


Africa’s Finance Ministers and Private Sector Group seek to rapidly resolve commercial debt service obligations together (18 May 2020): 


UNECE releases new dataset for tram and metro statistics, ‎supporting informed policy responses for sustainable post-COVID ‎mobility (18 May 2020):


Seven ways we are making ourselves sick (and how we can stop) (19 May 2020):


Asia-Pacific countries convene on regional actions to mitigate COVID-19 impacts (18 May 2020):


COVID-19: UNESCO and ICOM concerned about the situation faced by the world’s museums (18 May 2020):


As coronavirus spreads, refugee doctors want to join the fight (18 May 2020):

Self-help project in Niger churns out hygiene products in fight against coronavirus  (18 May 2020):