COVID-19: Aggiornamenti dal sistema ONU – 23 Aprile


Hard fought gains in immunization coverage at risk without critical health services, warns WHO (23 April 2020):

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Economic impact of coronavirus threatens hard-won progress across Africa’s Great Lakes region (22 April 2020):

Still ‘a long way to go’ in coronavirus battle, WHO chief warns (22 April 2020):

COVID-19: 5G broadband conspiracy ‘a hoax with no technical basis’, UN telecoms agency (22 April 2020):

Fall in COVID-linked carbon emissions won’t halt climate change – UN weather agency chief (22 April 2020):   

COVID-19 pandemic, an ‘unprecedented wake-up call’ for all inhabitants of Mother Earth (22 April 2020):


We are all in this Together: Human Rights and COVID-19 Response and Recovery / by António Guterres (23 April 2020):

Policy Brief:

UN urges countries to ‘build back better’ (23 April 2020):


COVID-19 response demands better use of science and technology (22 April 2020):


Secretary-General Tells Young Women ‘World Cannot Afford to Lose Your Talent’ in Technology Battle against Pandemic, Marking International Day (SG/SM/20054, 22 April 2020): 


Deputy Secretary-General Hails Agile COVID-19 Responses in Organization’s Health, Humanitarian, Development Work, Addressing UN Agency Boards (DSG/SM/1403, 21 April 2020):



FAO urges at G20 meeting protection of food supply chains amid COVID-19 threat (21 April 2020):


Potentially 1.2 billion fewer international air travellers by September 2020, says new ICAO forecast (22 April 2020): 


Recovery, reactivation and resilience: Confronting COVID-19 in Latin America and the Caribbean (22 April 2020):

As Earth Day adopts a climate action theme, let’s not forget about smallholder farmers (22 April 2020):


ILO welcomes joint action to tackle COVID-19 threats to global garment industry (22 April 2020):–en/index.htm


New on the website for “The IMF and COVID-19” direct link to IMF COVID-19 Hub, Policy Tracker, Emergency Financing, Special Series:

The Short-term Liquidity Line: A New IMF Tool to Help in the Crisis (22 April 2020):

CGD Conversations on COVID-19 and Development: Antoinette Sayeh (22 April 2020):

IMF COVID-19 Response—A New Short-Term Liquidity Line to Enhance The Adequacy Of The Global Financial Safety Net, Policy Paper No. 20//025 (22 April 2020):


“You are not alone” – IMO Secretary-General issues impassioned personal message to seafarers (21 April 2020):


Migrants and the COVID-19 pandemic: An initial analysis (22 April 2020):


South Sudan: Dire food security situation could worsen with COVID-19 (22 April 2020):


Raising women’s voices and leadership in COVID-19 policies (22 April 2029):

UN expert outlines urgent steps to ensure justice systems are not paralysed by COVID-19 (22 April 2020):

Responses to COVID-19 are failing people in poverty worldwide” – UN human rights expert (22 April 2020):

UN expert warns against religious hatred and intolerance during COVID-19 outbreak (22 April 2020): 


Imprisoned, quarantined women need hygiene supplies in El Salvador (22 April 2020):

I am Generation Equality: Ramida “Jennie” Juengpaisal, designer and developer of a COVID-19 tracker in Thailand (22 April 2020):


UN-Habitat launches COVID-19 Response Plan and Campaign targeting the world’s most vulnerable communities (23 April 2020): 


COVID-19 News & Press Releases:


Outpacing COVID-19: Key innovations prompt early warning for early actions (21 April 2020):


How the Republic of Korea flattened the COVID-19 curve: openness, transparency and democracy (22 April 2020):

4 webinars against disinformation on Covid-19 in the Sahel (22 April 2020):


ESCWA warns of a historic decline in foreign direct investment in the Arab region due to COVID-19 (23 April 2020):


Learning from Ebola experience, Liberia deploys contact tracers to break COVID-19 transmission (22 April 2020):


Beware long-term damage to human rights and refugee rights from the coronavirus pandemic: UNHCR (22 April 2020):

Refugees start blog to share information on coronavirus (22 April 2020):


Wildlife trafficking harms animals and human health – the case of Pangolins (22 April 2020):—the-case-of-pangolins.html

Wildlife Crime – Pangolin scales:

The Wildlife Crime – Pangolin scales report is just one chapter of the World Wildlife Crime Report 2020:

UNODC and Partners adapt to COVID-19 restrictions with use of online counter-terrorism learning platform (21 April 2020): 


Skilled UN Volunteers join the fight against COVID-19 in West and Central Africa (19 April 2020):

UNV invests in COVID-19 response (11 April 2020):


WFP chief warns of ‘hunger pandemic’ as Global Food Crises Report launched (22 April 2020):


World Bank Predicts Sharpest Decline of Remittances in Recent History (22 April 2020):

Energy access takes center stage in fighting COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and powering recovery in Africa (22 April 2020):