COVID-19: Aggiornamenti dal sistema ONU – 25 Maggio


WHO launches new search feature for questions on COVID-19 (22 May 2020):

At least 80 million children under one at risk of diseases such as diphtheria, measles and polio as COVID-19 disrupts routine vaccination efforts, warn Gavi, WHO and UNICEF (22 May 2020):

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Mozambique school children face ‘catastrophic’ fall-out from COVID-19: a UN Resident Coordinator blog (25 May 2020):

Heed ceasefire call, UN chief urges, marking Africa Day (24 May 2020):

5 reasons Costa Rica is winning plaudits for fighting COVID-19: a Resident Coordinator’s blog (24 May 2020):

Policing the pandemic: how UN Police are maintaining law, order, and public health (23 May 2020):

Experts underscore COVID-19 threat to global progress on child immunization (22 May 2020):

Build back better and preserve biodiversity after COVID-19 pandemic: UN chief (22 May 2020):

Yemen: Coronavirus transmission likely widespread, decimating ‘collapsed’ health system, UN warns (22 May 2020):


UN eyes bicycles as driver of post-COVID-19 ‘green recovery’ (22 May 2020):

UN Volunteers fight against COVID-19 in South Sudan (22 May 2020):


Guest Article: Covid 19—a test for political leaders to truly leave no one behind / By Justin Koonin, Dheepa Rajan, Eliana Monteforte, Marjolaine Nicod (22 May 2020):


What Afflicts One Part Hurts All, Secretary-General Says in Talks with Organization of Islamic Cooperation on ‘COVID-19 Solidarity’ (SG/SM/20093, 22 May 2020):

Secretary-General Applauds Africa’s Response to COVID-19 in Observance Message, while Stressing Need for Improved Health, Social Protection Systems (SG/SM/20092, 22 May 2020): 


Procedure for Holding Elections by Secret Ballot Without a Plenary Meeting During the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic

22 May 2020

Letter dated 22 May 2020 regarding the draft decision entitled “Procedure for holding elections by secret ballot without a plenary meeting during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic” (A/74/L. 67), which will be under silence procedure until Friday, 29 May 2020


ILO issues guidance for safe, healthy, return to work during COVID-19 (22 May 2020):–en/index.htm   


COVID-19 Worsens Pre-existing Financial Vulnerabilities (22 May 2020):

Africa’s Hour of Need : An Op-ed first published on Project Syndicate by Abebe Aemro Selassie (22 May 2020):

Opening Remarks— COVID-19: Opportunities for a Green Recovery / Tao Zhang, IMF Deputy Managing Director, “As Prepared for Delivery”, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Parliamentary Web Dialogue, 22 May 2020: 


Combatting Xenophobia is Key to an Effective COVID-19 Recovery (22 May 2020):

IOM Joins Call to Action on Socioeconomic Impacts of COVID-19 on Remittances (22 May 2020):

New IOM Data Innovation Directory Provides Insight on Migration and Mobility in Times of Crisis (22 May 2020):   

United States Funds IOM Humanitarian Assistance for Vulnerable Migrants Affected by COVID-19 (22 May 2020):

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in South America Represent 87 Per Cent of the Total in Latin America – IOM Launches Urgent Appeal (22 May 2020):


My message on WTISD 2020: Let’s recommit ourselves to leaving no one behind during and after COVID-19 / By Malcolm Johnson, ITU Deputy Secretary-General (22 May 2020):

ITU-WHO-UNICEF initiative delivers vital information on COVID-19 (22 May 2020):


Yemen: UN extremely concerned by rapid spread of COVID-19 (22 May 2020):


Fiona Adolu, prioritizing human rights in Zimbabwe during COVID-19 (22 May 2020):

COVID-19 crisis: Kenya urged to stop all evictions and protect housing rights defenders (22 May 2020): 


From where I stand: “It has become impossible to meet daily needs” (22 May 2020):

In Myanmar, women work to protect small businesses during COVID-19 pandemic (22 May 2020): 


Guaranteeing equity and access to all in the post-COVID era #BeyondTheOutbreak (23 May 2020):   


A pandemic allows for a “what if” moment How to champion biodiversity as the world stands still (23 May 2020):

UNCDF and UNDP join forces to improve flow of remittances and counter socio-economic impacts of COVID-19 (22 May 2020):

COVID-19: UNDP urges swift action to address violence against women and girls during pandemic (22 May 2020):

Getting COVID-19 supplies to Serbia (22 May 2020):

Addressing mental health during COVID-19 (22 May 2020):


Africa Regional Integration Index calls on continent to build more resilient economies through integration (22 May 2020):


UNECE and Global Forum for Geography and Statistics webinar highlights role ‎of geospatial statistics in COVID19 response (22 May 2020):

National Trade Facilitation Roadmap for Exports Enhancement and Diversification ‎boosts Tajikistan’s competitiveness and will help in COVID-19 crisis response‎ (21 May 2020):

COVID-19 pandemic outlines need for housing for all (21 May 2020):


Science points to causes of COVID-19 (22 May 2020):

Supporting Kenya to fight COVID-19 (22 May 2020):


Goodall and Azoulay: “Attacks on nature are contributing to the health crisis.” (22 May 2020):

World Biodiversity Day in the era of COVID-19 (22 May 2020):


Remarks by Henrietta Fore UNICEF Executive Director at joint press briefing on immunization with WHO and Gavi, 22 May 2020:

Surge in violent attacks during COVID-19 lockdown puts children’s lives at risk in eastern Ukraine (22 May 2020): 


Guiding MSMEs’ business recovery in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic (21 May 2020):


Digital innovation helps sustain community livelihoods during COVID-19 (22 May 2020):


La Poste supports distance education during COVID-19 (22 May 2020): 


Impossible choices: Bolivia’s coronavirus conundrum (22 May 2020):