COVID-19: Aggiornamenti dal sistema ONU – 3 Giugno


The rise and rise of interpersonal violence – an unintended impact of the COVID-19 response on families (3 June 2020):

UN News

UN chief underlines need to protect refugees and migrants in COVID-19 pandemic (3 June 2020):

‘Unprecedented’ financing needed to halt recession of ‘unparalleled proportions’: Mohammed (2 June 2020):

Put human rights at the centre of coronavirus response urges Muhammad-Bande (2 June 2020):

Coronavirus a challenge, and opportunity, to fix remittances system than funnels billions home from abroad (2 June 2020):

Address ‘appalling impact’ of COVID-19 on minorities, UN rights chief urges (2 June 2020):


Launch of Policy Brief on the Impact of COVID-19 on Refugees, IDPs and Migrants: “The COVID-19 crisis is an opportunity to reimagine human mobility” / by António Guterres (2 June 2020):

UN helps children learn online during COVID-19 (UNIS Vienna) (2 June 2020):


UN meeting to help developing economies stricken by COVID-19 to tap emergency relief resources (2 June 2020):


United Nations Fully Mobilized to Help Countries Respond, Recover from COVID-19, Deputy Secretary-General Tells Financing for Development Forum (DSG/SM/1417, 2 June 2020):


President’s Statement – Opening Statement at the Virtual Meeting of the FfD Forum on Financing and policy solutions to respond to COVID-19 (2 June 2020):


Sierra Leone: Recovering from a pandemic (2 June 2020):

The impact of COVID-19 on smallholders in China (2 June 2020):


How the Great Lockdown Saved Lives (2 June 2020):

F&D Newsletter, June 2020: Policies, Politics and Pandemics: 


IOM, Government of South Sudan to Establish a Point of Entry in Rank (2 June 2020):

In Horn of Africa Migrant Support Centres Join Fight Against Covid-19 (2 June 2020):

Adapting to Change: IOM Faces COVID-19 Pandemic by Strengthening Outreach Tools (2 June 2020):

Resettlement Sites in Need of Further Preparedness as COVID-19 Cases Increase in Mozambique (2 June 2020):

Opinion: Now is not the time to turn our backs on Yemen / By António Vitorino, IOM Director General (2 June 2020):


At TDAG 2020, let’s seize the momentum to ‘build back better’ after COVID-19 (2 June 2020): 


Floods, locusts and COVID-19: UN agencies warn Somalia’s gains at risk from ‘triple threat’ (2 June 2020):

Syria: UN continues cross-border humanitarian response amid COVID-19 (2 June 2020): 


Disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on racial and ethnic minorities needs to be urgently addressed – Bachelet (2 June 2020):


Ethiopia and UN-Habitat join forces to redesign outdoor markets to reduce COVID-19 risk (2 June 2020):

Uganda’s capital promotes cycling to protect against COVID-19 (2 June 2020):

Community support is key to successful hand-washing stations to combat COVID-19 in Myanmar (2 June 2020):


Feature story: Mobilizing COVID-19 relief for transgender sex workers in Guyana and Suriname (2 June 2020):


Applying Lessons from COVID-19 Prevention and Risk Reduction to Build a Sustainable and Resilient World (3 June 2020):


Personal Protective Equipment standards must respond to women’s needs to ensure the ‎safety of all frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic / By UNECE Executive Secretary Olga Algayerova and UN Women Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia Alia El-Yassir (2 June 2020): 


Cooling industry supports fight against COVID-19, steps up climate action (2 June 2020):

Back in the saddle (2 June 2020):

COVID-19 updates from UNEP (1 June 2020):


Access to Information in Times of Crisis (2 June 2020):

Learning through radio and television in the time of COVID-19 (2 June 2020):


Demand for counselling services spikes in Palestine amid COVID-19 lockdown (2 June 2020):


5 Key Calls to the European Union on the COVID-19 Response (2 June 2020):


A rapid review of economic policy and social protection responses to health and economic crises and their effects on children: Lessons for the COVID-19 pandemic response (2 June 2020):

Coronavirus (COVID-19) guide for parents: 


Volunteers raising awareness of COVID-19 in Liberia (2 June 2020):

UN Volunteers help deliver peace in Somalia during COVID-19 (1 June 2020):


Portugal’s Post innovates on financial services during the pandemic (2 June 2020):


Countries Can Take Steps Now to Rebuild from COVID-19 (2 June 2020):