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‘It didn’t kill me, but I came out stronger’: A nurse contracted COVID-19 from one of his patients, recovered, and returned to work with much more resolve and compassion (3 June 2020):


Delivering NCD services in a time of COVID-19 – stories from the field (3 June 2020):

Statement – Transitioning towards ‘a new normal’ must be guided by public health principles, together with economic and societal considerations, 3 June 2020, Copenhagen, Denmark, Dr Hans Henri P. Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe (delivered in Russian), Statement to the Russian-language media by Dr Hans Henri P. Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe:,-together-with-economic-and-societal-considerations

UN News

WHO chief updates journalists on Ebola outbreak, COVID-19 treatment study (3 June 2020):

‘Stronger response’ key, to build a safer and more stable future: Guterres (3 June 2020):

Bicycles: Setting the wheels of change in motion during and after COVID-19 (3 June 2020):

Asian countries urged to honour right to freedom of expression, over pandemic fear (3 June 2020):

UN chief underlines need to protect refugees and migrants in COVID-19 pandemic (3 June 2020): 


Quarantine halts migrants in Panama (3 June 2020):


Policy Brief: COVID-19 and People on the Move (3 June 2020):

Inclusive Public Health, Socioeconomic Response to COVID-19 Crisis Key for Protecting Millions of Refugees, Migrants, Secretary-General Says in Video Message (SG/SM/20104, 3 June 2020):

Secretary-General, at African, Caribbean, Pacific Summit, Urges More Debt Relief, Liquidity for Hard-Hit Countries to Build, Safer, More Stable Global Future (SG/SM/20105, 3 June 2020):


Sending money home: Ten reasons why remittances matter (3 June 2020):


COVID-19 and indigenous and tribal peoples (3 June 2020):–en/index.htm


The Path Forward: The Global Economy, Washington Post Live, IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva with David Ignatius, Washington Post Columnist (3 June 2020):

The Great Reset: Remarks to World Economic Forum, Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director, IMF, 3 June 2020:

Courage under Fire: Policy Responses in Emerging Market and Developing Economies to the COVID-19 Pandemic (3 June 2020):


The COVID-19 pandemic is an opportunity to reimagine human mobility (2 June 2020):

COVID-19 ventilators provided to help Somalia fight pandemic (2 June 2020):

Journeys Interrupted (2 June 2020): 


Uniting for a people’s vaccine against Covid-19 / United Nations and the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement (3 June 2020):

UN launches paper on COVID-19 and people on the move (3 June 2020):


COVID-19: Standing up for the human rights of migrants and refugees in France (3 June 2020):

Asia: Bachelet alarmed by clampdown on freedom of expression during COVID-19 (3 June 2020): 


Op-ed: Personal Protective Equipment standards must respond to women’s needs to ensure the safety of all front line workers during the COVID-19 pandemic / By UNECE Executive Secretary Olga Algayerova and UN Women Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia Alia El-Yassir (3 June 2020):

In Georgia, women farmers show solidarity amid COVID-19 (3 June 2020):

UN Women and Rohingya women on the front line of COVID-19 response (3 June 2020):


COVID-19 exposes the harsh realities of gender inequality in slums (3 June 2020):

UN-Habitat data mapping ensures assistance reaches the most vulnerable in Brazil’s slums (3 June 2020):


Feature story: Lessons learned from HIV for COVID-19 in Senegal (3 June 2020):


COVID-19 crisis: How South-South cooperation can support economic recovery (3 June 2020):


The COVID-19 pandemic is an opportunity to reimagine human mobility (3 June 2020):

Support for prisoners during a pandemic (2 June 2020):


Applying Lessons from COVID-19 Prevention and Risk Reduction to Build a Sustainable and Resilient World (3 June 2020): 


Africa should set COVID-19 recovery milestones now – Vera Songwe (3 June 2020): 


ADB, ESCAP discuss stepping up cooperation to help Asia-Pacific in addressing COVID-19 crisis (3 June 2020):


UNESCO Empowers Journalists to Counter Disinformation and Misinformation (3 June 2020):


News comment by UN Refugee Agency’s Assistant High Commissioner for Protection, Gillian Triggs, on the UN Secretary-General’s policy briefing on People on the Move (3 June 2020): 


Global Call: Innovative Ideas and Technologies vs. COVID-19 and beyond (3 June 2020): 


COVID19: Education is the bedrock of a just society in the post-COVID world / By Stefania Giannini, UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Education and John Brandolino, Director, Division for Treaty Affairs, UNODC:


WTO report examines impact of COVID-19 pandemic on small businesses (3 June 2020):