COVID-19: Aggiornamenti dal sistema ONU – 5 Maggio


Hand Hygiene Day, 5 May: “Nurses and midwives, clean care is in your hands!”:


Iliana Colonna: enabling positive birth experiences in the time of COVID-19 (5 May 2020):

UN News

UN health agency hails 7.4 billion Euro pledge for COVID-19 treatments (4 May 2020):

Press freedom critical to countering COVID-19 ‘pandemic of misinformation’: UN chief (4 May 2020):

None of us is safe until we all are, says UN chief at EU push to end COVID-19 pandemic (4 May 2020): 


UN peacekeeping radio wears multiple hats in fight against COVID-19 (4 May 2020):

Malawi braces for Covid-19 (4 May 2020):

COVID-19 in Fragile Settings: Ensuring a Conflict-Sensitive Response (4 May 2020): 


Severe downturns in labour-intensive sectors spell trouble for global inequality (4 May 2020): 


Non-Aligned Movement Has Critical Role to Play in Galvanizing Global Solidarity to Fight COVID-19 Pandemic, Secretary-General Tells Online Summit (SG/SM/20072, 4 April 2020):

Protecting Journalists, Free Press Key to Thwarting Dangerous Outbreak of COVID-19 Disinformation on Social Media, Secretary-General Warns High-Level Dialogue (SG/SM/20071, 4 May 2020):

With Over 3.3 Million People Infected, Fighting COVID-19 Pandemic Requires Greatest Public Health Effort in History, Secretary-General Tells Pledging Event (SG/SM/20070, 4 May 2020):

‘Antidote’ to False COVID-19 Facts Guides Nations in Life-or-Death Decisions, Secretary-General Says, Calling for Guaranteed Press Freedom on Global Day (SG/SM/20069, 3 May 2020):


In times of COVID-19, Bolivian urban farmers rethink their ways of working: Home deliveries help provide fresh food to cities during the pandemic (4 May 2020):


Helping the “double casualties” of COVID-19 (04 May 2020):–en/index.htm

Op-Ed: New normal? Better normal! (1 May 2020):–en/index.htm 


5 key Tech, Media and Telecom predictions for 2020, revised in light of COVID-19: Deloitte (4 March 2020):


In Ecuador, a coordinated humanitarian response to COVID-19 (4 May 2020):

COVID-19: Older people at risk but resilient (4 May 2020): ,

UN humanitarian chief: After COVID-19, it’s in everyone’s interest to help the world’s poorest countries (4 May 2020):


UN rights expert urges States to step-up anti-slavery efforts and protect most vulnerable amid COVID-19 (5 May 2020): NewsID=25863&LangID=E

Marlene Urscheler, doing human rights work during the COVID-19 pandemic (4 May 2020):

The High Comissioner Video message on Covid-19 and Migrants:


Opinion: Slums are the next front line in the fight against the coronavirus (4 May 2020):

Supporting those in informal settlements and economy during COVID-19 and beyond (4 May 2020):

How Life in Our Cities Will Look After the Coronavirus Pandemic (4 May 2020):


Behind the Front Lines: human faces of the #COVID19 response (4 May 2020):


How investment policies are responding to COVID-19 (4 May 2020):

When it rains it pours: COVID-19 exacerbates poverty risks in the poorest countries (4 May 2020):


There are no winners in the illegal trade in wildlife (5 May 2020):

Faith-based organizations can help the transition to a more sustainable post-COVID-19 world (4 May 2020):


Mothers, midwives risking their lives to bring new life into the world (4 May 2020):


Schools remain locked for more than 127 million children in Eastern and Southern Africa (4 May 2020):

Let’s move humanity for children in the fight against coronavirus:


IATA / UPU Warn of Air Capacity Shortage (4 May 2020):


The United Arab Emirates supports the establishment of a global humanitarian lifeline to nations most exposed to COVID-19 (4 May 2020):


WTO report looks at role of e-commerce during the COVID-19 pandemic (4 May 2020):


Food Security and COVID-19 (4 May 2020):

COVID-19 Trade Policy Database: Food and Medical Products (4 May 2020):