COVID-19: Aggiornamenti dal sistema ONU – 7 Agosto


Estimating mortality from COVID-19 – Scientific Brief (4 August 2020):

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Global cooperation is our only choice against COVID-19, says WHO chief (6 August 2020):

Cross-border links between terrorists, organized crime, underscore need for coherent global response (6 August 2020):

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A day to recognize the resilience of indigenous peoples (5 August 2020): 


Global food prices rise in July (6 August 2020):


COVID-19: Protecting workers in the workplace – A universal commitment to end child labour (6 August 2020):–en/index.htm 


COVID-19 Response in Emerging Market Economies: Conventional Policies and Beyond (6 August 2020):


USD 84 Million Dollar Appeal to Assist African Migrants Affected by COVID-19 Launched by IOM and 27 Partners and Governments Across Horn of Africa and Yemen (6 August 2020):–27


New UN report shows closing the gender divide can save lives in emergencies, including pandemics (6 August 2020):

Report: Women, ICT and Emergency Telecommunications: Opportunities and Constraints:

Unlocking the full power of gender equality in disaster risk management (6 August 2020):


Decongestion of IDP settlements as a prevention and control measure for COVID-19 pandemic in Somalia (6 August 2020):


Nations to meet in Barbados to chart new path for post-coronavirus economic recovery (5 August 2020):


Cities – where the fight for a green recovery will be won or lost (6 August 2020):


UN Secretary-General warns of education catastrophe, pointing to UNESCO estimate of 24 million learners at risk of dropping out (6 August 2020):

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Delivering vital medical supplies, humanitarian air service boosts Covid-19 response efforts in the Pacific (6 August 2020):


Beyond the Pandemic: Harnessing the Digital Revolution to Set Food Systems on a Better Course (6 August 2020):

COVID-19 Pandemic May Result in a Long-term Human Development Crisis in Central Asia, Warn World Bank Experts (5 August 2020):

BRIEF- Profiles of the new poor due to the COVID-19 pandemic (6 August 2020):