COVID-19: Aggiornamenti dal sistema ONU – 9 Giugno

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FROM THE FIELD: The UN’s mission to transform agriculture, for people and planet (9 June 2020):

Solidarity is the world’s ‘best line of defence’: UN General Assembly president (8 June 2020):

‘Stand strong’ for justice over impunity, Security Council hears (8 June 2020):

Coronavirus: World Bank confirms deepest recession since World War Two (8 June 2020):

No time to take ‘foot off the pedal’ as coronavirus pandemic worsens: WHO (8 June 2020):


A vaccine will not end the pandemic unless everyone can get it (8 June 2020):


Statement by H.E. Tijjani Muhammad-Bande, President of the General Assembly – Opening remarks at the Virtual press conference (8 June 2020):


From bustling Omani fish markets to online auctions: Digital innovation is boosting the fisheries supply chain in Oman during COVID-19 (8 June 2020):

Making FAO more efficient and inclusive for better production, nutrition, environment and life (8 June 2020):


From Meghalaya to Jharkhand, how India is ensuring agri supply chains are not disrupted (8 June 2020):

Maintaining critical extension services for smallholders during COVID-19 (8 June 2020): 

Keeping exports flowing: Saving development gains in Rwanda (8 June 2020):


ILO: Release more than 150,000 seafarers trapped on board ships due to COVID-19 (8 June 2020):–en/index.htm

Include the ocean economy in the response to COVID-19 – Statement by  ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder (8 June 2020):–en/index.htm

What are the policy solutions to the COVID-19 youth employment crisis? (8 June 2020):–en/index.htm


IOM Releases Global Guidance on International Recruitment and Protection of Migrant Workers (8 June 2020):


Adapting the global humanitarian response to COVID-19 to include older people (8 June 2020):


Tajik businesses run by women living with HIV supply key protective gear for COVID-19 response (8 June 2020):


First COVID-19 Urban Thinkers Campus Series ends with key recommendations (8 June 2020):

Journalists discuss the challenges of reporting during pandemics in COVID-19 Urban Thinkers Campus (8 June 2020):

Youth in Fiji raise awareness in informal settlements on COVID-19 through colourful murals (8 June 2020):

Fighting COVID-19 in Africa’s informal settlements (8 June 2020): 


COVID-19 offers opportunity to save our ocean (8 June 2020): 


COVID-19 could prove “disastrous” for impoverished Zimbabwe, UNDP study finds (8 June 2020):

The ocean and COVID-19 (8 June 2020):


Covid-19 Aftermath: Policy Dialogue on Building Back Better with African Youth set for Tuesday (8 June 2020):


Executive Secretary’s Blog: Environmental democracy in times of COVID-19‎ (5 June 2020):


For people on the front lines of climate change and conflict, COVID-19 is a new challenge (9 June 2020): 


United Nations ESCAP and Good Return team up to provide a financial injection for women SMEs in the times of COVID-19 (8 June 2020):   


UNESCO launches webinar series for the World Network of Biosphere Reserves in times of COVID19 pandemic (8 June 2020):

UN agencies empowering children and young people in the face of COVID-19 (8 June 2020):


UNIDO launches COVID-19 Industrial Recovery Programme:


Brief – Projected poverty impacts of COVID-19 (coronavirus) (8 June 2020):

Feature Story – The Global Economic Outlook During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Changed World (8 June 2020):

COVID-19 to Plunge Global Economy into Worst Recession since World War II (8 June 2020): (8 June 2020):