COVID-19: Aggiornamento dal sistema ONU – 29 Maggio


How WHO is supporting refugees and migrants during the COVID-19 pandemic (28 May 2020):


Recovery must lead to a different economy, an economy of well-being (28 May 2020):,-an-economy-of-well-being

Experience of health professionals, police staff and prisoners in Italy informs WHO COVID-19 guidelines for prisons (28 May 2020):,-police-staff-and-prisoners-in-italy-informs-who-covid-19-guidelines-for-prisons2

New WHO/Europe guidance shows more can be done to protect people in need of long-term care during the COVID-19 pandemic (28 May 2020):

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Security Council: Paralysis and ‘political infighting’ must end, to boost COVID-19 fight: EU foreign affairs chief (28 May 2020):

COVID-19: Act now or risk ‘unimaginable devastation’ globally, warns UN chief (28 May 2020):

Yemen: Humanitarians seeking $2.41 billion to keep aid flowing amid COVID-19 pandemic (28 May 2020):


‘Verified’ initiative aims to flood digital space with facts amid COVID-19 crisis (28 May 2020):


COVID-19 Exposes Global Fragility, Secretary-General Tells High-level Event, Citing Failures on Climate, Nuclear non-proliferation, ‘Lawless Cyberspace’ (SG/SM/20100, 28 May 2020):

Secretary-General Warns of Grim Post-Pandemic Future, Predicting ‘Historic’ Hunger, Famine, in Remarks to High-Level Event on Financing for Development (SG/SM/20098, 28 May 2020):


Using innovation to deliver in Somalia despite COVID-19 (28 May 2020):


Emergency Response During COVID-19: IAEA’s Incident and Emergency Centre (28 May 2020): 


Mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on small-scale agriculture in The Gambia (28 May 2020):


Trade Union Movement: Recovering from the Covid-19 crisis: what policies are needed? (29 May 2020):–en/index.htm


Opening Remarks at UN Event on Financing for Development in the Era of COVID-19: By Kristalina Georgieva, IMF Managing Director (28 May 2020):


Habitat Professionals Forum (HPF) Statement On COVID-19 Pandemic (29 May 2020):

Webinar: Urban-Rural Linkages in the time of COVID-19, Metropolitan Perspectives (28 May 2020):

COVID-19 must be addressed through international solidarity and cooperation (28 May 2020):

Experts discuss the central role of urban planning in the post pandemic recovery (28 May 2020):

UN-Habitat’s COVID-19 response in Philippines provides displaced families with easy access to markets with affordable food (28 May 2020):


Feature story: “My biggest concern is to get my antiretroviral medicines”: HIV and COVID-19 in Latin America (28 May 2020):


Now is the time for Africa to digitize land registries, says Joan Kagwanja (28 May 2020): 


What COVID-19 means for ecotourism (29 May 2020):


How to respond to tsunamis in times of social distancing? Follow the regional guidelines (28 May 2020):

Effective leadership in crisis: What it takes for ministries of education (26 May 2020):

SURVEY on How COVD-19 has Affected the Youth – Youth As Researchers Project (28 May 2020):

UNESCO warns against ‘perfect storm’ threatening freedom of expression amid COVID-19 (28 May 2020): 


UNHCR helps displaced Syrian-Armenians facing hardship amid pandemic (28 May 2020):


UNWTO Launches Global Guidelines to Reopen Tourism (28 May 2020):


UPU reports record drop in global postal volumes (28 May 2020):

Trucks and trains continue to take strain of mail delivery between China and Europe (28 May 2020):


Statement on Yemen by Principals of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (28 May 2020):

WFP ramps up support to people affected by the socio-economic fallout from coronavirus in Chad (28 May 2020):

Coronavirus puts 14 million people at risk of missing meals in Latin America and the Caribbean (27 May 2020):


2020 WTO Public Forum cancelled (28 May 2020):


Media Advisory: World Bank Issues New Notes (on the impact of COVID-19) on Health, Poverty, Education, Labor, Social Protection, and Air Quality in Western Balkans (29 May 2020):