Il Governo italiano e l’UNDP, insieme alla FAO e UNFPA, uniscono le forze per promuovere attività di resilienza nel governatorato di Deir ez-Zour in Siria

Damascus, 22 May 2021 – As part of the integrated response to the “crisis within the crisis” in Syria, the Government of Italy and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), jointly with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), have partnered to provide resilience and early recovery support to vulnerable communities in Deir ez-Zour governorate with a funding of 3 million Euros.

Since 2019, the Government of Italy and UNDP, together with FAO and UNFPA, have been jointly supporting the response to the Syria crisis, aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic, through reviving livelihoods and social protection systems, including access to basic services, to address the devastating impacts of ten years of crisis on the lives of the most vulnerable population.

In the framework of the humanitarian operation in Syria, this joint project will support the resilience of urban and rural communities in Mayadin through a comprehensive set of services and activities. These will provide targeted support to vulnerable groups in: a) establishing income generating activities and increasing Persons with Disabilities’ (PwDs) socioeconomic inclusion; b) availability and accessibility of quality comprehensive Reproductive Health and Gender-Based Violence (GBV) prevention and response services, including men and boys’ participation in primary GBV prevention initiatives; c) decent and equitable employment, income-generation opportunities, and diversified diet increased for women and women-headed households through agriculture and agro-processing.

Mayadin district, located in south eastern Deir ez-Zour is home to 106,010 persons (Aug 2020). The area and its surroundings have suffered from damage to local infrastructure, basic services and large-scale displacement. According to UN estimates, 62,057 people in Mayadin are in need of humanitarian support with women and persons with disabilities being the most vulnerable. The joint intervention, focuses around the Rural Development Centre in the city and aims to benefit directly and indirectly 80,000 local residents, including 33,600 returnees, 20,000 women of reproductive age and 800 PwDs. It will contribute to the localization of five SDGs (1, 2, 5, 8, 17).

“I’m very happy to sign today this agreement, which I hope will be an example of how an integrated approach to resilience can effectively respond to the enormous needs of the Syrian population affected by the humanitarian crisis”. His Excellency Mr. Massimiliano D’Antuono, Chargee d’Affairs of Italy to Syria.

“I’ve just returned from a field visit to Mayadin where I met with local community members to better understand their needs. The generous support by the Government of Italy allows us to implement, jointly with other sister UN agencies, local level early recovery interventions that will have a real impact on the lives and livelihoods of women and men here, many of whom are wholly reliant on agriculture”. Ms. Ramla Khalidi, Resident Representative, UNDP Syria

“For agriculture to lead to improved livelihoods, farmers need to be able to add value and market their products – this activity in Deir Ezzor focuses on vegetable production and processing; training activities; and sales and marketing, and additionally targets local women and youth in rural areas,” said Mr. Mike Robson, FAO Representative in Syria.

“Women’s active participation in the economy and social lives of their communities is an indispensable ingredient to rebuild and maintain resilience, equitably. Protecting women and girls and ensuring women access to reproductive health care and services is a fundamental right. UNFPA, is proud of fully partnering with UNDP, FAO and the Government of Italy, to create a model of resilience in Syria,” said Mr. Iyad Nasr, UNFPA Representative in Syria.