3 ott – There are more than one billion people with disabilities in the world.

One in every 10 children is a child with a disability. Women with disabilities comprise 20% of the female population.

One in five of the poorest people in the world are people with disabilities. The population is among the most marginalized in any crisis-affected community.

This year, Secretary-General António Guterres committed to achieving transformative change for people with disabilities, launching the first-ever United Nations Disability Inclusion Strategy.

Central to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and leaving no one behind, the Strategy aims to raise the UN’s standards and performance on disability inclusion, across the Organization’s work both in headquarters and country offices.

The role of every staff member, at every level of the Organization, and in every aspect of the UN’s work – across programmes and operations, whether in human rights, in humanitarian and climate-related work, in development, or peacebuilding and peace and security fields – is crucial to the strategy’s success.

To learn more about the UN Disability Inclusion Strategy, visit the website where you’ll find:

  • A video message from Secretary-General Guterres, outlining his vision for disability inclusion
  • The UN Disability Inclusion Strategy in all official UN languages, as well as ePUB and easy-to- read versions
  • More information on the strategy itself, and the core areas of work it covers

For more information on the United Nations Disability Inclusion Strategy, email [email protected].