Siria – L’Italia ha stanziato 2 miliardi di dollari in favore del Programma Habitat su resilienza urbana e rurale, a sostegno di servizi di base e mezzi di sussistenza nelle zone di conflitto.

Damascus 17 November 2022- The Government of Italy has approved a contribution of USD 2 million to the UN Joint Programme on Urban and Rural Resilience aimed at improving more inclusive access to livelihoods and to critical basic services in conflict-affected areas of Syria.

“Italy has been supporting an area-based, integrated approach which responds to the needs of the population in a multi-sectoral way, thereby creating synergies and more sustainable impact on the lives of the people.

In a protracted crisis such as the Syrian one, it is crucial to broaden the approach and to include the early recovery perspective as mainstreamed in all sectors of interventions – from food security and livelihood to reproductive health, while promoting the protection of women and girls. Italy is therefore pleased to contribute to the UN Joint Programme, which is in line with our approach and strategy” said Massimiliano D’Antuono, Chargé d’Affaires of the Italian Embassy for Syria.

A beneficiary of industrial vocational training in Syria

On his part, Imran Riza, UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator, said “it is imperative to scale up early recovery and resilience interventions to effectively respond to rising needs in the country”.

He welcomed Italy’s participation in the Joint Programme, which is currently the only pooled fund mechanism with multi-year funding dedicated to early recovery and resilience assistance in Syria. Funded until now by the European Union (EU) and Norway and implemented jointly by six UN agencies participating in the Joint Programme – FAO, UNDP, UNFPA, UN Habitat, UNICEF and WFP – the programme has proven to be a high-impact, effective modality to strengthen multi-sectoral responses to the complex resilience challenges facing vulnerable Syrian communities.

Riza noted that Italy’s participation in this flagship resilience programme strengthens the confidence of UN partners to deliver integrated resilience solutions while signalling to crisis-affected communities the international community’s commitment to help them rebuild their lives.

The Joint Programme has been piloted in Dara’a and Deir Ezzor. With Italy’s contribution and with the continued support of the EU and Norway, it will be possible to further consolidate resilience gains in these crisis-affected locations and to expand area-based, multisectoral programming to other areas of high need.