Peacekeepers italiani rinnovano un centro medico in Libano

UNIFIL peacekeepers from Italy have renovated the medical centre of the village of Al-Qallawiyah in south-western Lebanon, ensuring adequate medical support and assistance to the residents of the municipality and neighbouring villages.

The renovation of the medical centre, which took about a month, involved the reconstruction of the rooftop structure, the main facade, the electrical fixtures and the water-sewerage system.

The medical centre is now equipped with all the primary healthcare facilities and services that will ensure adequate medical assistance for about 2,000 residents of the municipality and more than 3,500 inhabitants of neighbouring communities.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony on 12 November, the Mayor of Al-Qallawiyah, Mansur Ilayan, expressed gratitude to the UNIFIL Sector West Commander, Brigadier General Andrea Di Stasio, for the continued support to the host communities.