COVID-19: Aggiornamenti dal Sistema ONU – 20 Agosto


World Humanitarian Day 2020: A tribute to aid workers on the front lines (19 August 2020):



COVID-19 and conflict, a double battle for humanitarian workers (19 August 2020):,-a-double-battle-for-humanitarian-workers

Against the backdrop of a humanitarian crisis, COVID-19 responders carry out heroic work in northwest Syria (19 August 2020):,-covid-19-responders-in-gaziantep,-turkey-carry-on-heroic-work-in-northwest-syria

Tailoring health interventions: behavioural and cultural insights for health (19 August 2020):

…Another example is WHO/Europe’s ongoing work to support Member States across the Region to conduct behavioural insights studies in the context of COVID-19. Knowledge about the public’s fears and worries, levels of trust and risk perceptions, as well as their views on restrictions, testing and tracing, and a future COVID-19 vaccine, helps governments shape their pandemic responses. …


UN News

G20 countries urged to stop ‘COVID generation’ from being locked out of the classroom (19 August 2020):

UN salutes real-life heroes doing ‘extraordinary things, in extraordinary (19 August 2020):



Standing in Solidarity with Victims and Survivors of Terrorism in the Era of COVID-19 by Vladimir Voronkov, Under-Secretary-General, United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism and Executive Director of the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Centre:

The Need for a Strengthened Multilateral Approach to Confront COVID-19 and Other Global Challenges by Omar Hilale, Permanent Representative of Morocco to the United Nations and Chair of the General Assembly Committee on Information (2019-2021):



Secretary-General Hails ‘Unsung Heroes’ Risking Their Lives to Help Others during COVID-19 Pandemic, in World Humanitarian Day Message (SG/SM/20212, 19 August 2020):



IAEA Provides Over 100 Countries with COVID-19 Detection Equipment (19 August 2020):



COVID-19 ravages an already desperate Yemen (19 August 2020):

Continuing vital health services in Guinea-Bissau during COVID-19 (19 August 2020):



The 26th ICSOE to address COVID-19 challenges and discuss Policies for Private Sector led Growth in Southern Africa (19 August 2020):



ECLAC and UN Women: Comprehensive Care Systems are Key to the Socioeconomic Recovery in Latin America and the Caribbean (19 August 2020):



ESCWA warns: more than half of Lebanon’s population trapped in poverty (19 August 2020):



UNHCR chief praises aid workers battling multiple crises (19 August 2020):



“Information Dissemination During a Global Pandemic: Experiences from the WHO”, a Conversation with Dr Sarah Louise Barber, 26 August 2020:



Coordinating the humanitarian response to drought and COVID-19 in Lesotho (19 August 2020):

“With a pandemic ravaging the world, we need to stand up for human rights for all” (19 August 2020):



Regardless of the pandemic, we have kept working together: an interview with UPU’s Julia Bazukina (19 August 2020):,-we-have-kept-working-together-an-interview-with-UPU-s-Julia-Bazukina