COVID-19: Aggiornamenti dal sistema ONU – 29 Aprile

UN News

UN leads bid to help 135 countries get vital COVID-19 medical kit, amid severe global shortages (28 April 2020):

Sudan: Coronavirus could be tipping point for ‘untold suffering’, Bachelet urges sanctions relief (28 April 2020):

As pandemic encroaches on Abyei, tensions rise over disputed territory straddling Sudan, South Sudan (28 April 2020):

Parallel threats of COVID-19, climate change, require ‘brave, visionary and collaborative leadership’: UN chief (28 April 2020):

COVID-19 could lead to millions of unintended pregnancies, new UN-backed data reveals (28 April 2020): 

COVID-19: 5G broadband conspiracy ‘a hoax’ says ITU:


Press Conference by Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed at United Nations Headquarters (27 April 2020):

Transcript of UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed’s press conference on the launch of the “Rise for All” initiative, held in New York


Investing in Food in the Time of Coronavirus – Episode 7 (27 April 2020):


The COVID-19 crisis may lead to mental health issues for many workers (28 April 2020):   


IOM Supports Vanuatu Response to Dual Challenge of Category 5 Cyclone, COVID-19 (28 April 2020):

COVID-19 Emergency Shelter Provided for Homeless Migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina (28 April 2020):

IOM Ethiopia Assists Hundreds of Returning Migrants in COVID-19 Quarantine Sites (28 April 2020):

IOM Iraq Leverages Mobility Data to Better Assess COVID-19 Impact (28 April 2020):


Multilateralism during COVID-19 (28 April 2020):


How OCHA’s pooled funds are helping to contain COVID-19 (28 April 2020):

CERF and CBPF funding for COVID-19:

Yemen: Aid agencies concerned about spread of COVID-19 (28 April 2020):

Myanmar: Continued conflict an impediment in the fight against COVID-19 (28 April 2020):


COVID-19: State and business respect for human rights critical to resilience and recovery, say UN experts (28 April 2020): 

COVID-19: “No excuse for impunity for those convicted of crimes against humanity” – UN expert on transitional justice:


Using technology to assist vulnerable Syrian refugees during COVID-19 lockdown (28 April 2020):

Five women on the front lines of COVID response (28 April 2020):


Ensuring income and investment in local service provision is critical for global recovery #BeyondTheOutbreak (28 April 2020):

Over 135,000 handwashes at UN-Habitat-supported facilities in Nairobi’s informal settlements (28 April 2020):

Ministers and regional representatives from Latin America hold virtual Forum on the COVID-19 impact on vulnerable areas (28 April 2020):


Feature story: “I’ve saved lives on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic in China” (28 April 2020):


Digitizing Payments in the Time of COVID19 and Beyond (28 April 2020):

Barcelona City Council at the forefront of COVID-19 (27 April 2020): 


Data and privacy unprotected in one third of countries, despite progress (29 April 2020):

Export restrictions: Fighting COVID-19 with hands tied (28 April 2020):


Parliamentarians have strong role to play in COVID-19 struggle (28 April 2020):

COVID-19 risks complicating Caribbean hurricane season (27 April 2020):


COVID-19 lessons offer hope for global efforts to address climate change impacts (28 April 2020):


UNESCO survey highlights measures taken by countries to limit impact of COVID-19 school closures (28 April 2020):

I am … #With Her – Spotlight Initiative 


ESCWA & ILO hold an Arab social protection experts meeting to face the COVID-19 crisis (28 April 2020):


Despite pandemic restrictions, people fleeing violence and persecution continue to seek asylum in Mexico (28 April 2020):


World Tourism Organization Underscores Tourism’s Importance for COVID-19 Recovery in Audience with the King of Spain (28 April 2020):

100% of Global Destinations Now Have COVID-19 Travel Restrictions, UNWTO Reports (28 April 2020):


New maritime route enables Iceland to receive European mail deliveries (28 April 2020):


Futures of 370 million children in jeopardy as school closures deprive them of school meals – UNICEF and WFP (29 April 2020):