Dichiarazione dell’Alto Commissario per i diritti umani Michelle Bachelet sul colpo di Stato in Sudan

“I strongly condemn today’s military coup in Sudan and the declaration of a nationwide state of emergency, the suspension of key articles of the Constitutional Document and the governing bodies. These actions threaten the Juba Peace Agreement and jeopardize the important progress made towards democracy and respect for human rights.

The military authorities must abide by the constitutional order and applicable international law, withdraw from the streets, and resolve any differences they have with the civilian component of the Transitional Council through dialogue and negotiation.

I utterly deplore the reported arrest of the Prime Minister, several Ministers, leaders of the Forces of the Freedom and Change and other civil society representatives, and call for their immediate release.

Blanket internet shutdowns contravene international law, and Internet and mobile services must be restored, as they are essential for people to seek and receive information, particularly in these unsettling circumstances. We remind military and security forces to refrain from unnecessary and disproportionate use of force, to respect people’s freedom of expression, as well as the right of peaceful assembly.

It would be disastrous if Sudan goes backwards after finally bringing an end to decades of repressive dictatorship. The country needs to move forward to consolidate democracy, a wish expressed countless times by the Sudanese people, including loudly and clearly on the streets last week and today.”