Programma Alimentare Mondiale: Esperti disponibili per interviste alla vigilia del Vertice mondiale del 23 settembre



Ahead of the UN Food Systems Summit on Thursday, 23 September 2021, the World Food Programme is making available to the media, experts on food systems who can comment on the state of food security and nutrition globally and the impact of climate change, conflict and COVID-19 on how the world produces, accesses and consumes food.

WFP works in over 80 countries repairing, sustaining and improving food systems for the world’s most vulnerable. WFP’s programmes support food production, protect livelihoods of smallholder farmers, help strengthen food supply chains, develop markets and improve the nutrition of schoolchildren. In fragile environments, WFP is working towards ensuring the food and nutrition needs of the vulnerable are met.

WFP experts available for interviews:

  • Domenico Scalpelli – WFP’s Food Systems Summit Coordinator
  • Carmen Burbano – WFP’s Head of School Feeding
  • Gernot Laganda – WFP’s Chief of Climate and Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Carlo Scaramella – WFP’s Country Director in Colombia
  • Saskia De Pee – Senior Nutritionist, WFP
  • Rupak Manvatkar – WFP’s Climate Action Advisor for Southern Africa
  • Isabelle Mballa – WFP’s Regional Supply Chain Advisor for West Africa


For more information please contact (email address: [email protected]):

Tomson Phiri, WFP/ Geneva, Mob. +41 79 842 8057

Jane Howard, WFP/ London, Tel. +44 (0)20 3857 7413, Mob. +44 (0)796 8008 474

Martin Rentsch, WFP/Berlin, Tel +49 (0)30 206 1 4929, Mob +49 160 99 26 17 30

Shaza Moghraby, WFP/New York, Mob. + 1 929 289 9867

Steve Taravella, WFP/ Washington, Mob.  +1 202 770 5993

Martin Penner, WFP/Rome, Mob. +39 345 614 2074

Isheeta Sumra, WFP/ Rome, Mob. +39 347 181 4398