Sudan: I combattimenti hanno esacerbato una situazione umanitaria gia’ drammatica e pregiudicano l’arrivo di aiuti essenziali, ammonisce il responsabile umanitario ONU Martin Griffith

Fighting in Sudan must stop


Statement by Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Martin Griffiths


(New York, 17 April 2023) The latest outbreak of fighting in Sudan is a devastating setback for the people of the country. 

Even before this violence, humanitarian needs were already at an all-time high in Sudan, with one third of the population – a staggering 16 million people – in need of humanitarian aid.  

I am deeply concerned by the mounting deaths and injuries, which will only increase further as fighting rages on in urban areas.   

Reports that hospitals and water and electrical infrastructure have come under attack are extremely alarming.  

The clashes are preventing people – especially in cities – from accessing food, water, education, fuel and other critical services for their families. Health services, already precarious, could be further pushed to the brink. 

This renewed fighting only aggravates what was already a fragile situation, forcing UN agencies and our humanitarian partners to temporarily shutter many of our more than 250 programmes across Sudan. 

The impacts of this suspension will be felt immediately, especially in the areas of food security and nutritional support, in a country where some 4 million children and pregnant and lactating women are severely malnourished. 

I am horrified by the deaths of humanitarian workers, including three World Food Programme staff members. I am also disturbed by reports of large-scale looting of aid and damage to humanitarian facilities, which will only hamper our efforts to reach those in need. 

The fighting must stop.

Humanitarian aid must safely reach those who need it. People must be able to safely access basic services, commodities and humanitarian assistance. Hospitals and infrastructure essential for the supply of water and electricity must be protected.