UN75 – Quiz online per la Giornata Mondiale delle Nazioni Unite

Partecipa anche tu al Quiz per la Giornata Mondiale delle Nazioni Unite sulla piattaforma Kahoot!

Ecco il link per partecipare: kahoot.it/challenge/03658224

We have two quizzes

1) For a General Audience/Older Students

2) for Quiz for Children/Young Audience

Both can be accessed and played directly by clicking on the quiz links in the social media cards and the email message.

  1. Quiz for General Audience/Older Students


UN Day game for general/older student audience

UN Day game link: kahoot.it/challenge/03658224

or Kahoot app game code: 03658224


  1. Quiz for Children/Young Audience


UN Day game for children/young audience

UN Day game link: kahoot.it/challenge/03142828

or Kahoot app game code: 03142828

Players who want to take the quiz don’t need to sign up accounts, they can play the game straight from the link, either from computers or mobiles. No cost is involved.

Quizzes are a fun way to learn about the UN – over 30,000 players have already taken the UN Day Kahoot quiz since we launched yesterday.