WHO re-assigns Islands and Small States Institute in Malta as collaborating centre

The Islands and Small States Institute (ISSI) of the University of Malta, has been re-assigned as the WHO Collaborating Centre on Health Systems and Policies in Small States. The Institute was first designated as a WHO collaborating centre in 2017.

ISSI will work on 3 main topics: (i) the development of policy recommendations on building health-system resilience in small states; (ii) the interrelationship between tourism, health systems and sustainability, with a focus on islands and small countries, through a planetary health and equity approach; and (iii) the development of a toolkit on health information, digital health and evidence generation in small states.

Known as a centre of excellence on issues pertaining to islands and small states, ISSI has a notable track record of high-calibre policy research on resilience, economy, and environment and health issues affecting small states. The institute is currently supporting a WHO project aimed at gaining a better understanding of the interplay between health and tourism, with a focus on sustainable tourism in small states.

Malta is a member of the WHO/Europe Small Countries Initiative, a network of 11 Member States in the WHO European Region with populations of 2 million or less, established in 2013. The Initiative is coordinated by the WHO European Office for Investment for Health and Development in Venice, Italy.


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