The Greek Heroes biking for the SDGs

Let us introduce you to the HERO 2030 Bike Festival of Greece. It is a series of cycling challenges for children around Greece, dedicated exclusively to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The idea behind an original cycling event dedicated to the 17 SDGs belongs to the large independent Greek cycling community “On the Move”, which works with a large number of cycling clubs and partners throughout the country.

HERO 2030 Bike Festival Greece, logo The HERO 2030 bike festivals are free for all participants, non-profit and exist thanks to the numerous volunteers and supporters, local authorities and sponsors. They enjoy the support of the United Nations Regional Information Centre (UNRIC).

Since 2019, HERO 2030 has been very successful, with an impressive participation so far of over 5,310 young cyclists and hundreds of spectators across 30 events in 20 large and small cities of Greece.

According to “On the Move”, cycling is a simple, economical, reliable, clean and environmentally sustainable means of transport that constantly attracts new users. It is the ideal vehicle to promote the message of the SDGs and help us to achieve these Global Goals.  Focusing on children and cycling is key. Children are the future of our societies and the catalyst for a better tomorrow. After all, the future belongs to them, and it is our collective responsibility to provide them with a functional and sustainable world.

Person cycling around SDG5 at Greek Bike Festival HERO 2030 While navigating obstacles on their bikes such as “The Health Snail”, “The Door of Innovation”, “The Zigzag of Cooperation” etc., children are having fun, getting exercise and learning about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. They have to cycle on a very original bike track of virtuosity, becoming at the same time more active in the world that they are called to “conquer.” They are invited to bike past each of the 17 SDG “obstacles’ in a “track” full of surprises until they arrive at the finish line.

But no matter who finishes first or last, no matter who is fast or slow, everyone is a winner! All young cyclists can keep as a souvenir their bike number with one of the 17 Goals, as well as a Certificate of Participation with information about all 17 Goals.

In every corner of the globe, the 17 SDGs should be national and local priorities. The HERO 2030 Bike Festival aims to be an important part of the great global effort. Organisers and participants are both realists and dreamers, taking part in our common effort for a better world.

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