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United Nations Podcasts

As podcasts continue to grow in popularity, you can tune in to podcasts produced by the United Nations and its agencies to get the latest news, stories and interviews from around the world.

Inside UN Bonn

Next to headquarters in New York and Geneva, the UN has a campus in Bonn, Germany. Join 'Inside UN Bonn', a podcast hosted by Monja Sauvagerd (UNRIC/UN Bonn) and Leonie Beck (UNRIC) and celebrate the 25th anniversary of UN Bonn with us. The podcast will tell stories that haven’t been told before with guests representing the diversity of the work and people behind UN...

No Denying It, the UN climate action podcast

There’s no denying it - we have to tackle the climate emergency. Burning fossil fuels to get energy has to end. It's doable but it's going to take solutions in every industry, at every scale, in every nation in the world. No Denying It, is the UN climate action podcast, bringing you the voices of young climate changemakers from across our warming planet. These activists, engineers,...

Vosa: Pacific Podcast Series

Vosa: One region, many stories. A fortnightly podcast of Pacific and Papua New Guinean possibility. Drawing on the region's rich story-telling traditions, Vosa talks with Pacific Islanders challenging social, cultural and economic boundaries in the region and beyond. Listen for free on Omny.fm, Apple Podcasts and Spotify

Awake At Night – a podcast with Melissa Fleming

What does it take to be a United Nations worker in some of the world’s most difficult and dangerous locations? How are health workers, humanitarians, human rights advocates and peacekeepers working to protect people and helping them to thrive? Stationed in remote locations and witness to suffering and atrocities, how are they coping themselves? To find out, Melissa Fleming meets them.

UN interviews

UN News interviews a wide range of people from senior news-making officials at Headquarters in New York, to advocates and beneficiaries from across the world who have a stake in helping the UN go about its often life-saving work in the field.


The United Nations is a complicated place so this podcast from hosts Sinduja Srinivasan and Jason DeWall for UN News – one insider, one outsider – aims to change all that. They demystify the UN through compelling interviews and stories making the world body more accessible and straightforward.

The Lid is On

This flagship podcast series from UN News takes its name from the words that correspondents at UN Headquarters in New York hear each night, at the end of the working day. We highlight the in-depth human stories behind the UN’s work and the way that it touches and impacts ordinary lives around the world.

Podcast classics

Listen back to some iconic moments in the history of the UN. In these historic recordings from the UN archives, travel back in time to hear some of the most influential voices of the past from stage, screen, politics and sport, talk about UN issues that often still resonate today.

UN Catch-Up Dateline Geneva

Published every Friday morning, UN Catch-Up Dateline Geneva is a weekly 15-minute news podcast from the UN News team, covering the week’s headlines from UN agencies and their partners in the Swiss city and beyond. Available on the UN News audio platform, SoundCloud and UN Geneva. Regular features also include a short interview with UN experts on key topics making the news + input and insight from Latin America...

The Next Page

Welcome to The Next Page, the podcast of the United Nations Library & Archives Geneva. The Library is an evolving house of knowledge, specializing in multilateralism and in the work of the United Nations. This podcast aims to share this knowledge through conversations with experts, recordings of events at the Library, and insights shared by our staff. Join us as we work to advance...

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