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United Nations Podcasts

As podcasts continue to grow in popularity, you can tune in to podcasts produced by the United Nations and its agencies to get the latest news, stories and interviews from around the world.

International Monetary Fund Podcasts

English: https://www.imf.org/en/News/Podcasts/ French: https://www.imf.org/fr/News/Podcasts Listen to the brightest minds in the field of economics and development discuss their latest research and deconstruct global economic trends. IMF Podcasts are also available on digital platforms such as iTunes, SoundCloud and Libsyn, and free to use for broadcasters, educators and institutions.

ITU Podcasts

ITU’s podcast series looks at how technology is shaping the world around us. Listen to the series so far on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Spreaker and Soundcloud – and sign up to get notified about new episodes.

Capital Musings. A UNCDF Podcast Show.

Capital Musings is a podcast series featuring in-depth conversations with economic development experts, thought-leaders and private sector leaders discussing critical issues at the intersection of development finance, impact investment and the SDGs.

Digital What!? (UNDP Podcasts)

A podcast series that explores the digital landscape from the perspective of various experts, taking you from Digital..What!? To Digitally Savvy!

Humans of UNDP

Hear firsthand stories from your colleagues around the world about how digital comms transformed their work and their communities.


In a new podcast series, “URBAN Matters”, Tom Miles, a renowned journalist, will be asking mayors and urban experts on how cities are rising to the challenge, and how they can join forces to share ideas and address city challenges related to the pandemic. The podcast consists of 10 episodes. Hear all about cities in URBAN Matters on your regular podcast platform every Wednesday.

United Nations Environment Programme: State of the Planet

UNEP is the leading environmental authority in the United Nations system. Our work focuses on climate change, pollution, biodiversity loss, sustainable development and other issues affecting the planet. This podcast brings together scientists, UN experts, civil society, governments, businesses and others to discuss the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. Available on Apple and Spotify.

UNICEF Innocenti Podcast

This features in-depth conversations with leading researchers and experts on evidence, policy and child rights. It offers listeners a look into the story behind the research being conducted at UNICEF. The series provides unique insights on the methodologies and processes behind research being conducted on many of the most urgent issues facing the world’s children.

United Nations Office to the African Union: “She Stands for Peace”

This podcast series explores the state of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda in Africa, through a series of dialogues with key actors. From policymakers, to donors, and grassroots peacebuilders, the host, Dr. Yemisi Akinbobola, takes a deep dive to unpack the various insights and lived experiences of guests to explore the central question; “20 years after the UNSCR 1325 was passed, how far...

Global Judicial Integrity Network Podcast (UNODC)

The monthly series features interviews with judges and international judicial experts on a variety of topics related to judicial integrity. Please note that the episodes below are listed chronologically and sorted by language. English subtitles are available for all non-English podcasts.

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