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As podcasts continue to grow in popularity around the world, we are featuring over 70 series and standalone podcasts produced by the United Nations, its agencies, funds and programmes. Search through our A-Z list below or check-out our one-stop shop listing to start listening now. United Nations podcasts are available on most mainstream platforms, including; Spotify, Apple, Google or Soundcloud.

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United Nations Podcasts (A-Z)

FAO-UNEP: Let’s Talk Ecosystems Podcast

In the context of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, UNEP and the FAO have interviewed young environmentalists who are making a positive change for our planet.

FAO: Target Zero Hunger

The FAO podcast series delves into the core issues of the UN SDGs. Each episode explores the food challenges and solutions of our time.

IAEA: Nuclear Explained

Series reveals how nuclear is integrated into and benefits so many aspects of our daily lives.

IAEA: Talk Podcasts

Podcasts featuring scientists and experts discussing issues related to nuclear science and its peaceful applications.

IFAD: Farms. Food. Future.

Raises awareness on the challenges smallholder farmers in developing countries are facing around food security.

IFC: Climate Biz

The insider's podcast on the business of climate.

IFC: Creating Markets

Tells the behind-the-scenes stories of the people, trends, and ideas that are driving private sector investment in developing countries.

IFC: Future Keepers

Key policymakers and leaders from the private sector have given an insight into how they remain resilient in the face of huge challenges.

ILO: Global challenges – Global solutions

series explores megatrends such as digitalization and technological changes impacting the world of work today.

ILO: The Future of Work

Listen to experts on how the rapidly changing world of work is affecting you.

IMF Podcasts

Listen to the brightest minds in the field of economics and development discuss their latest research and deconstruct global economic trends.

ISA: podcasts and audio interviews

celebrate the particular contribution of women to the progressive development of the law of the sea as reflected in UNCLOS and related instruments.

ITU Podcasts

The International Telecommunication Union’s podcast series looks at how technology is shaping the world around us.

OHCHR: UN Human Rights Podcast

UN Human Rights Podcast will host seasons of audio, telling stories, holding conversations on the people, policies and places that affect our human rights.

UN (General): amplifyHER

A vibrant, music-filled podcast, celebrating exciting women artists from around the world.

UN (General): Audiovisual Library of International Law

a unique multimedia resource providing high-quality international law training and research materials for free.

UN (General): Awake At Night

what does it take to be a United Nations worker in some of the world’s most difficult and dangerous locations? To find out, Melissa Fleming meets them.

UN (General): Career Journey

meet professionals of all levels and learn what they do each day to create a more sustainable, peaceful and just world. They share what keeps them motivated and how they keep learning and developing on the job.

UN (General): DPPA “Behind the Numbers”

Conversations with peacemakers and decision-makers on the challenges and opportunities of the UN’s women, peace and security (WPS) agenda.

UN (General): In Their Words

In Their Words: podcast series preserving the voices of those targeted by the Nazis and their racial collaborators during the Holocaust.

UN (General): No Denying It, Climate Action podcast

the UN climate action podcast, bringing you the voices of young climate changemakers from across our warming planet.

UN (General): Podcast classics

historic recordings from the UN archives, travel back in time to hear some of the most influential voices of the past talk about UN issues that often still resonate today.

UN (General): SDG Learncast

podcast series produced by UN SDG:Learn that features leaders and learners of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

UN (General): Surviving the Holocaust. Finding Hope

each episode features an in-depth conversation with a Holocaust survivor, tracing their journey from childhood to the present day.

UN (General): Tech Against Terrorism

A deep dive into the evolving use of the internet by terrorists and violent extremists.

UN (General): The daily News in Brief

A summary of the United Nations' top audio stories of the day.

UN (General): The Lid is On

highlight the in-depth human stories behind the UN’s work and the way that it touches and impacts ordinary lives around the world.

UN (General): UN interviews

UN News interviews a wide range of people from senior news-making officials, to advocates and beneficiaries from across the world.

UN (General): UNcomplicated

the United Nations is a complicated place so this podcast from hosts Sinduja Srinivasan and Jason DeWall for UN News – one insider, one outsider – aims to change all that.

UN (General): UNiting Against Hate

Explores how hate speech manifests itself in different parts of the world, showcasing the work of activists who are bringing about positive change.

UN (PGA): Youth Fellows Podcast

Hear from the President of the General Assembly's six Fellows as they unpack and break down the biggest global challenges.

UN DPO: Seeking Peace

Explores the role of women around the world in bringing lasting peace to their communities.

UN Geneva: Catch-Up Dateline Geneva

15-minute news podcast from the UN News team, covering the week’s headlines from UN agencies and their partners in the Swiss city and beyond.

UN Geneva: It Takes a Global Crisis

'It Takes a Global Crisis', a series of four special episodes produced by the UN Library & Archives Geneva in collaboration with the SDG Lab.

UN Geneva: ONU Info Genève

L’essentiel de l’actualité de la semaine du Palais des Nations et de la Genève internationale alimentée par les journalistes du Service de l’information des Nations Unies à Genève.

UN Geneva: The Next Page

Conversations with experts, recordings of events at the UN Library in Geneva and insights into the UN.

UN Geneva: UN Roundup

Learn about the events that are on each week at the United Nations with Daniel Johnson and Katt Cullen.

UN Women: Holosy (‘voices’ in Ukrainian)

New podcast series to look at the Russian invasion of Ukraine and subsequent war through a gender lens.

UNAIDS: ‘Against the Odds’

asks some extraordinary people what made them winners when all the odds were stacked against them.

UNCDF: Capital Musings

economic development experts, thought-leaders and private sector leaders discussing critical issues at the intersection of development finance.