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Tea Time: International Tea Day 2022

For many people, there is nothing more British than tea. The humble cuppa is a universal British experience: enjoyed by both young and old,...

A Precious Gift: The Native Irish Honey Bee

Bees are an ideal society, that we, as humans, can learn something from. They work well together, are cooperative and care for one another....

MolenGeek: new technologies accessible to everyone

Part of the UNRIC’s Benelux desk’s #SDGActor series MolenGeek is a social enterprise based in the municipality of Molenbeek (Belgium). It helps young people, students,...

Welcome to Queer Britain

“A space to learn about our history as an LGBTQ+ community: the challenges and, most of all, the achievements.”- Ian Mehrtens, Co-Founder of Queer...

International Mother Earth Day 2022, UNRIC Promo Video

UN Chief: “The Common Agenda report is a wake-up call about the risks we face”

Go-Goals - Free #SDGGame

The game's purpose is to help children understand the Sustainable Development Goals, how they impact their lives and what they can do every day to help achieve the 17 goals by 2030. The game was developed in-house by our team at the United Nations Regional Information Centre for Western Europe (UNRIC).


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