COVID-19: Aggiornamenti dal sistema ONU – 25 Giugno

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COVID-19: Recovery will be slower following ‘crisis like no other’, IMF predicts (24 June 2020):

Coronavirus: 10 million infections milestone looms – WHO’s Tedros (24 June 2020):

170 signatories endorse UN ceasefire appeal during COVID crisis (24 June 2020):


Policy Note: The United Nations Secretary-General’s Call for a Global Ceasefire: Challenges and Opportunities, 23 June 2020:


Never waste a crisis: Corporations invest to ‘recover better’ from COVID-19 (24 June 2020): 


ILO warns of COVID-19 migrant ‘crisis within a crisis’ (24 June 2020):–en/index.htm

COVID-19 and labour migration (24 June 2020):–en/index.htm

Migrant workers among the hardest hit by COVID-19 pandemic (24 June 2020):–en/index.htm


Reopening from the Great Lockdown: Uneven and Uncertain Recovery (24 June 2020):

Joint Response for Latin America and the Caribbean to Counter the COVID-19 Crisis (24 June 2020):

World Economic Outlook Update, June 2020:


Day of the Seafarer 2020 – 25 June: 


UN humanitarian chief: Yemen will ‘fall off the cliff’ without adequate support for the humanitarian and COVID-19 response (24 June 2020): 


Working together to better protect South Sudan’s vulnerable during COVID-19 (23 June 2020): 


Tech giants partner with UN Women to provide life-saving information to survivors of domestic violence during COVID-19 (24 June 2020):

UN Women supports Maasai women-led enterprises to respond to COVID-19 (24 June 2020):

Inter-Agency statement on violence against women and girls in the context of COVID-19 (24 June 2020):–in-the-context-of-covid-19 


UNAIDS Executive Director sets out HIV/COVID-19 landscape at opening of PCB meeting (24 June 2020):


Vanuatu Joins Global Call-To-Action on Remittances during COVID-19 (24 June 2020): 


UNDP remains the most transparent UN agency, according to new index: New COVID-19 page on UNDP Transparency Portal launched (24 June 2020):

UNDP Transparency Portal – COVID-19 Response:

Protecting young startups during COVID-19 (24 June 2020):


Renewable energy investments crucial in Africa’s efforts to build back better post COVID-19 (24 June 2020):


UN webinar to spotlight best practices of China, Japan and Republic of Korea in managing COVID-19 –  2 July 2020, Thursday, 15:00-16:30 (Tokyo time GMT+9): 


Syrian family awaits end of lockdown to start new life in Norway (24 June 2020): 


Pakistani start-up repurposes to help healthcare system cope with pandemic (23 June 2020): 


Webinar – COVID-19 and Centralized Power, 2 July:

As COVID-19 has escalated into a pandemic, a political debate has been raging about whether autocracies or democracies are better at fighting epidemics.

Professor Yuen Yuen Ang of the University of Michigan will join the UNU-WIDER Webinar Series on 2 July 2020 to discuss her article on China’s response to the pandemic. Prof. Ang will explain why this debate is misguided, and attempt to deliver a balanced account of how China has handled the COVID-19 outbreak, arguing that we must distinguish the impact of regime types from other factors on governments’ responses to the crisis.


Female Parliamentarians in the fight against COVID-19 Video Series (24 June 2020):